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Online Training Lesson 1

Straight Back Behind the Rifle

Online Training Lesson

These lessons are not intended to replace quality instruction from a competent instructor in a formal setting. There are too many small items that need to be addressed in order for this to be done correctly and without thought. Being able to accomplish the correct shooting form without thought absolutely requires perfect practice over and over until the correct neural pathways have been established. Muscle memory does not come overnight and if it is not done correctly time and time again, you will revert back to the incorrect form under stress.

John Farnam has stated: “Amateurs practice until they do it right, but professionals practice until they cannot do it wrong”. Simply put, everyone needs perfect practice.

Understand, these lessons are not designed to be Instructor Development. There are many small elements which would be pertinent for an instructor to know that are not discussed within the Online Training Lessons. These lessons are designed for the individual end user, as part of their continuing training and should not be confused with a formal class from Rifles Only. We are limited in the amount of time each video can be, as well there are some elements we feel are not necessary to put out within the Online Training. If you’re interested in a formal class from Rifles Only, including an Instructor Development course please contact Jacob at Rifles Only for details.

The basic fundamentals of marksmanship are often overlooked in the interest of completing a drill or getting out of some type of tight spot. What that tight spot is may not be of your making, but that is really not the point. The point is to get out of the mess with no damage to you or at the very least a positive result.

If you have to fire your weapon for defensive or offensive reasons, the task remains the same. Drive your weapon as good as it can be driven under the circumstances. It really makes no difference if it is a handgun, carbine, or long gun. Driving the weapon correctly will give you the best result.

If you are fighting with a handgun, obviously a defensive weapon, things have gone terribly wrong and you need to do the best job possible to get yourself a positive result. I only say that because you should never start a fight with a handgun, it is simply too small. (Use a cannon if you have one, the projectile is bigger)

If you are being shot at, the game is the same. It is not the time to let the fundamentals fall by the wayside; it is time to execute them as flawlessly as you can to facilitate the positive result.

Probably the last thing on your mind is the fundamentals at a time of great stress. You are human and that is of no fault. However, if you have not trained correctly, the subconscious will have no tools to work with. Repetition is key,… no, proper repetition is key. You must practice the fundamentals to a degree that it is not possible for you to execute them poorly. Sounds tough, and it is, but it must be done. The weapon system does not matter; you must train with it until driving it correctly is just a matter of putting it in your hands. To not do so is to not care about the outcome.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily train for your betterment, but also for the betterment of the person fighting next to you.

I ask our sniper students “what is a worse thing than getting killed?” the answer is “getting your team mate or loved one killed or maimed because you haven’t trained hard enough”. That is a tough pill to swallow, but I didn’t invent that question.

Never give in to the “I have trained enough” mentality. The best fighters in the world understand the importance of continuous, rigorous, realistic, and difficult training. Another good one is “train hard, fight easy”. Again, not my words, but very true. Believe me, it is a lot like boxing, there is always someone training harder than you.

Download Lesson 1 and you can work the technigues and drills, as well we’ll have a video posted shortly, showing you exactly how to execute these drills.

Lesson 1 in located the link below in PDF form, so be sure you have a PDF reader, if you need one, Adobe offers a PDF reader for Free. Free PDF Reader

Lesson 1 PDF

Remember Lessons cannot be printed, copied or pasted to any other medium. The files are secured to prevent unauthorized distribution.

These lessons will include a video compliment to the demonstrate the drills and technigue contained withing the instruction.

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  • I just wondered what caliber he was shooting? I never saw the barrel jump and I wondered if that was do to the bipod he had on the rifle or maybe it was the sound suppressor.

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