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Sniper’s Hide Punishes the Cerakote Finish

Punishing a Rifle coated with Cerakote


Before the punishment

Recently Sniper’ Hide was contacted by NIC Industries in regards to their Cerakote Process for Firearms. The wanted to know if we were interested in putting one of our rifles through the paces after it had been coated with Cerakote. As luck would have it, we had something available for them, several things in fact.

From the Cerakote website:

CerakoteTM Firearm Coatings can be applied using a simple HVLP gun or an automated electrostatic system for OEM scale applications. Single or multiple coats may be used to achieve unlimited finishes and designs. Additionally, private label and exclusive color agreements are available.

The unique formulation used for CerakoteTM Firearm Coatings enhances a number of physical performance properties. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that CerakoteTM products remain at the forefront of the firearm coatings market. To prove CerakoteTM is the leading firearm coating, NIC hired an independent military testing facility to perform a blind side by side comparison between CerakoteTM, KG Gun-Kote (listed as competitor 1) and DuraCoat Firearm Finish (listed as competitor 2). In every test CerakoteTM out performed both competitors products. All tests were performed in accordance to the ASTM test listed in the photo. The complete test report is available for review by contacting our CerakoteTM Customer Service department.

Sniper’s Hide Weapons Coated

So right away I sent Ken over at Cerakote / NIC Industries my Jardine 1911 and my GAP Barreled action along with a Manners T5 stock that Tom Manners asked me to abuse a bit. I thought this a perfect opportunity to not only abuse this stock, but only to see how it holds up with a Cerakote finish.

Cerakote Coating Process Video

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In My HandsOr how I can screw shit up in 30 seconds or less.

Once the rifle and handgun were returned the idea was to coat the rifle with simple Krylon then to strip it down demonstrating the durability of the Cerakote process. How it can hold up to not only the Krylon but the stripping process to help protect your rifle’s finish underneath.

I chose some basic colors, the Flat Dark Earth for the stock and the OD for the barreled action, why because they are great foundations for any location. For a tactical rifle the ability to change the color to match the surrounds is a huge plus. Some of us go over the top with Gucci coatings, camouflaging our rifles in a way that makes it more a show piece than a functioning tactical rifle. So here with the Cerakote process you can do both. Either give it that show piece finish or simply base coat enabling you to Krylon at will over the base coat to match your surrounds. That is key point to the beginning of the video and really I could have stopped there, but come on, what fun would that be.

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From start to finish the process was great. Ken @nicindustries maintained great communication, the work they did was outstanding. The 1911 with its new Sniper Grey look is night and day different and just outstanding looking. No more does it have that stock Springfield finish, the Cerakote finish is deep and rich, as well, protected.

The rifle withstood everything, and then some. I bungee corded it to the back of the 4 wheeler and drove it easily 650 yards over the ranch, bumping and banging it against the aluminum rack on the vehicle, I just laid in the steel basket on the front and drove it some more, blew it up, smacked it against the barricades. The finished barely scratched in most cases. Sure the stock was a bit sand blasted by the tannerite, but it was only 9 inches from the stock. Really it all held up great, and you know you’ll never abuse your stuff to this degree.

I can serious appreciate the Cerakote durability, the choice in colors and how it can protect my weapons. For me, it’s top notch quality and dependability.

Visit the NIC Industries website and read about the Cerakote difference:


The go over to the virtual gun coater and see what it will look like:


Punishment was an understatement in this case, I honestly tried to break it, over and over again, and the whole thing just laughed at me.

Cerakote GAP rifle

Before the Tannerite Close up


After the Tannerite Cerakote Holds Up

  • I used the Cerakote in Armor black over a year ago. Painted the action, bolt and barrel with a detail paintgun. everything is still in great condition. I would highly recomend Cerakote. the sample size would be all you need to do two maybe even three weapons.

  • Dear Sir, Just viewed article on Cerakote. Was a bit confused on the exact color you had the Manner stock coated with the cerakote? The article mentioned a flat dark earth but according to cerakote this is a much darker color. The stock looks like a “desert sand” would like to know for a build, looks great. Best Regards.

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