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Quick Look US Optics PSR Submission

]US Optics 5-25X PSR Scope Submission

A while back, John at USO sent me the original PSR Submission Scope from US Optics to have a look at. This video is just a quick look, focusing in the new Illumination USO is moving too, which is a nice upgrade to the old style.

Not a lot of details, just a bit of fun with it and our Accuracy International 300WM.

Scope is a 5-25X by 56, surprisingly light for as long as it is. Mil / Mil with a zero stop, Gen 2 XR reticle, it was really fun to play with.

Especially since it was serial number 000000000001 :)

it was a short trip, but definitely looking forward to the production models.

  • William Finstad

    I think the scope was beautiful, the instructive part at the end was well put. Keep them coming

  • Great explanation. Time to go to the range again :)) Have myself the AWM in 300 Win, the AW in .308 and the AE in 243 W. So in fact more than fanatic about AI. Keep on going !! Chris

  • I’m excited to hear more about it, Hopefully I can afford to test it myself.

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