August 25, 2012 | by Christopher Hardee
Kryptek Camo Hydrographic Film
PRINCETON, FL – TWN Industries Inc., the leading water transfer printing supplier, announces the release of Kryptek™ Camo water transfer printing film. Kryptek Camo patterns will be available from TWN starting late August. The four Kryptek patterns that have been developed as hydrographic film are: Raid™, Typhon™, Highlander™, and Yeti™. Water transfer printing (also known as hydrographics and camo dipping) transforms gun stocks, bows, and ATVs by applying graphic patterns like camouflage to three dimensional surfaces.

Kryptek utilizes a multi-directional design to effectively conceal in a multitude of terrains that have either a lateral or vertical flow. The bi-level layering of the patterns incorporate background transitional shading and sharp random geometrical foregrounds to create a three dimensional effect that ensures the utmost in concealment at both close and long ranges. These components combined with colorations selected and matched based on input from testing and observations from Operators in the field make Kryptek Camo the ultimate in passive battlefield deception.

“Kryptek has a complete collection of tactical gear, jackets, and attire for various terrains. Along with their innovative camouflage techniques, our customers will like the option of easily matching their gunstocks, clothing, and gear,” said Mike Richards director of Business Development at TWN Industries.

Kryptek Highlander™ (WTP-646)

Designed for those geographical regions and elevations that are varied. Kryptek Highlander increases stealth when pursuing a wide range of quarry in mixed terrain. View Film Pattern at:

Kryptek Yeti™ (WTP-628)

When conditions worsen and the temperatures fall, when days are short and the shadows are long, Kryptek Yeti provides concealment when cover is only found in the subtle creases of the snow pack. View Film Pattern at

Kryptek Raid™ (WTP-644)

Created for those situations when the quarters are close and the jungle is urban. Kryptek Raid is the camo for finding that prey that lurks in the shadows of the streets. View Film Pattern at:

Kryptek Typhon™ (WTP-645)

Darkness is the ally of the predator that prowls at night. Kryptek Typhon serves those who operate when and where others will not venture. View Film Pattern at:

Kryptek Raid and Highlander available today from TWN in 3×1 meter accessory packs. Yeti and Typhon will be available late September. Call 305-258-9622 to pre-order film.

About Kryptek™:
“When Shadows Are Not Enough” Kryptek camo patterns provide a tactical advantage to the Operator by reducing visual acquisition through the combination of proven camouflage concepts, scientific principles and field testing. The Kryptek designs incorporate proven principles of visual deception based on mimicry of foliage, animal, marine and geographic visual qualities. These principles have been combined with evolutionary concepts and fused with state of the art technology to offer the utmost in effective concealment in differing environments. In January of 2012 Kryptek patterns were selected as a finalist for US Army Camouflage Improvement Program. For more information visit

About TWN Industries, Inc.:
Incorporated in 1994, TWN Industries, Inc. is the original water transfer printing supplier, offering film, equipment, supplies and training for water transfer printing. TWN proudly serves clients large and small in a wide range of industries from the automotive to sporting goods market. Sample decorating and consulting services are available to manufacturers at no charge from our lab facility and corporate headquarters located in Princeton, Florida. Alternatively, we can refer you to a TWN Certified Processor from our worldwide network to decorate one part or hundreds of thousands of parts for you. For more information visit or call 305.258.9622.

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