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Bubble level in front of turret?

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I have all my scopes with the bubble behind the turret on the left-hand side. Now I've upgraded to a Vortex bubble that is unfortunately more "massive" in its frame. This prevents me from seeing and adjusting the parallax knob on the left...

Water leak.

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My tenant calls me the other day and tells me he has no hot water. He said I came home and the hot water heater was off and no hot water, so he lit the pilot. I told him it would take some time to heat up the tank, and let know if he had none the...

No trial for Ashli Babbit shooting

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I know it's all been said, it's just the infuriating hypocrisy of it all. If she were black, or some antifa thug. a trial would be automatic while more buildings burned. It was determined that 'there was not enough evidence' to warrant a trial...

Berger Sales Suspended - at one retailer

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So, I was checking to see if any online retailers had any Berger 109’s in stock and ran across a company that had suspended sales on Berger bullets. There was a notice that popped up saying this retailer was suspending order on all Berger and Lapua...

What are you actually getting with a Tac A1?

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Hey all,

The Tikka Varmint costs $1,800 and the Tikka Tac A1 costs $3,700.
As far as I know, the barreled action on the Tac A1 is exactly the same as the barreled action on the Varmint. So as far as I can tell, the extra $2000 gets you a Chassis...

Who’s your preferred custom rifle builder?

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Now that I’ve got all my components I’m starting the process of finding a reputable smith to do the build (Defiance action, Bartlein bbl, McM A3-5 stock). Will be a 20” 308 Win.

so far I’ve talked to Beanland and SAC. One was disproportionately more...

Life in the Pit

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** Stolen from a friend because it was too funny to leave behind ** 😄
Q: How many people does it take to change a lightbulb in the bear pit?
• 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed.
• 14 to share similar...

US Optics Foundation 1.8-10x

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On paper this looks like a winner. I realize they had to make a "course change" to correct issues that I've read about regarding the B Series.

Looking for a "cross over " scope to bounce between my semiautos and hunting rigs. A compact 1.8-10x42 is a...

Phoenix Rod and Gun Club?

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Anyone here a member at Phoenix Rod and Gun?

I got a chance to visit my uncle's gun club in NM last year and the set up is amazing. Been thinking about signing up for something similar in Arizona.

Anyone know of any good facilities in the Phoenix...