August 7, 2016
A detailed look from the guys at FinnAccuracy shooting their 375CT SAKO M10 at 4000+ Meters or 4380 Yards. Go behind the scenes and see exactly exactly what went into making this shot. We did some shooting, and we did hit 4005-meter target. That’s 4380yards or 2.49 miles for those living in imperial unit part... Read more »
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Ballistician Dave Emary from Hornady sent over this technical paper on some of the observations they found using Doppler for their Hornady 4DOF™ Trajectory Calculator. Given all the back and forth regarding their efforts they wanted to help clear the air on some details. As many may have noticed, there seems a bit of back... Read more »
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Through the Scope video off of a Manfrotto Tripod and Really Right Stuff Tripod. See the movement and accuracy between the two type of tripod. There is an excellent Thread in the Sniper’s Hide Forum regarding shooting off a tripod and recording through the scope video demonstrating the movement. There has been a lot of... Read more »
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Breathe new life into your 308, it’s a winning combination of Farther, Faster, and Flatter shooting bullet. The Warner Tool Flat Line Projectiles gave my 20″ 308, 24″ 6.5 ballistics ! See for yourself and be amazed. I have a fair amount of experience shooting solids, mostly in the 338 variety as I have been... Read more »
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