Sniper’s Sniper’s Hide officially went online in November of 2000 and was recently incorporated as Sniper’s Hide, LLC in 2004. The “Hide” was founded by Frank “Lowlight” Galli. During my years as a Marine Scout Sniper, then later conducting surveillance. I was able to grasp the difficulty surrounding a profession that combines both an Art and a Science. Long Range Precision Shooting with or without a scoped rifle has often been demonized, through education and understanding we believe we can lift that dark veil which has clouded so many. Hide is a community, brought together by the knowledge of the science and the appreciation of the art involved in long-range shooting. Our members consist of Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers, as well as past and present member of our Armed Forces. Over the years countries believed it was necessary to employ snipers during times of armed conflict, then shortly after they disbanded those ranks losing the knowledge gleaned from these soldier’s sacrifice and experience. In the early years each time the call went out, the knowledge used to train our soldiers and Marines came from competition shooters. Even today, more than 20 years after the Marine Corps created the United States’ first official sniper school, our military still sees the value in utilizing the knowledge of the civilian shooter to assist in training our troops and helping develop the next generation tools of this military trade. Deep in tradition, born from competition, the long-range shooter has always been the silent servant to military sniper and law enforcement sharpshooter. Sniper’s Hide mission is to uphold the traditions and professionalism of those who came before us, expanding on the science, developing the art.

USMC Sniper
Camp Casey Korea 1989

Frank L. Galli, a former United States Marine enlisted in August 1985 attending boot camp with 3rd Battalion at Parris Island, SC. After graduating boot camp Mr. Galli attended Infantry Training School at Camp Geiger. It was during our participation in the International Naval Review in the summer of 1986 he secured his orders to attempt the USMC Scout Sniper School at Stone’s Bay, Camp Lejeune for the next class. The next class took place that fall just 12 days after Mr. Galli’s return from attending the Summer Package at the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, California. In October of 1986, Mr. Galli was the junior ranking member of his class attending the course as a Private First Class.  In December 1986 Mr. Galli graduated the Scout Sniper School, earning the designation 8541.

In the Fall of 1986, while attending Sniper School, 1st Battalion 2nd Marines was training to become the first Marine unit to earn the designation “Special Operations Capable”. This training prepared the unit for their deployment to the Mediterranean with the 24th MAU (SOC) where L/Cpl. Galli was aboard the USS Guadalcanal. Due to situations taking place during the Iran Iraq War the USS Guadalcanal was dispatched to this area to support the US Naval Operations in and around the Arabian Gulf. It was at this time select Marines from Battalion Landing Team 1/2 were flown from Diego Garcia back to Camp Lejeune to form Marine Air Ground Task Force 2-88 (MAGTF) which was redeployed aboard the USS Trenton for a return trip to the Gulf in order to Escort Kuwaiti Oil Tankers to and from the Gulf region.

Combat Operations

USMC Combat Operations
Sassan Oil Platform

In 1988 while participating in Operation Earnest Will aboard the USS Trenton, the USS Samuel Roberts hit a mine laid by Iranian forces damaging the ship. On April 17th as part of the Ground Combat Element of MAGTF 2-88 L/Cpl. Galli along with the other sailors and Marines engaged in Operation Pray Mantis. This Operation was to engage the forward Iranian bases in the Sasson and Sirri Oil fields located off the coast of Iran. During this operation L/Cpl. Galli was inserted via Fast Rope onto a GOPLAT in order to deny the Iranian forces the use of this facility as a base of operation for their nightly mine laying activities.

Returning from the Gulf in the Summer of 1988, Cpl. Galli deployed to CAX in California before deploying to Okinawa. From Camp Schwab, Cpl. Galli deployed to the Philippines operating in and around the Subic Bay area. In March of 1989, the unit then deployed to Korea where aside from cross training with members of the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division’s Sniper school at Camp Casey near the DMZ, Cpl. Galli also participated in “Team Spirit” along with the other US and Korean forces.

In August 1989 Mr. Galli left the USMC and shortly after enlisted in the CTARNG with the 1st Battalion 102nd Infantry. Mr.Galli finished out his commitment to the Army and his IRR time receiving an Honorable Discharge from both the USMC and Army Reserves.

During the 90’s Mr. Galli spent much of his time working in the Northeast conducting all levels of surveillance operations with a Private Investigation firm, moving from junior investigator to Surveillance Operations Manager in charge of all cases from Boston to Trenton, NJ. Mr. Galli’s primary focus was conducting covert surveillance operations specializing in the New York City area. With over 40,000 hours of surveillance in just a few short years, Mr. Galli left this work in 2000 to become a partner with Matthew Cherry in Intelex, Ltd. Intelex, Ltd., is a due diligence firm located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Precision Rifle Training
Teaching Precision Rifle

Recently, Frank Galli was an adjunct instructor at Rifles Only in Kingsville, TX. Today, we are committed to full time to running Sniper’s Hide. Through this site was host monthly classes locally in Colorado, as well we continue to host the largest tactical precision rifle match in the United States. In 2015 we had 236 shooters at the Sniper’s Hide Cup and there is no sign of slowing down. We were the first to offer online training classes, and continue to do video reviews and lessons on a monthly basis.

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