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Online Training
Online Training

Sniper’s Hide began its Online Training in 2008. This was an extension of the work being conducted at Rifles Only, taking real-world instruction and providing it in an online setting. Precision Rifle shooting is very detailed, the Shooter puts a lot into the shot. It’s important to have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of marksmanship.  Our focus is on those fundamentals, it’s more about the Precision Rifle Shooter and his technique than it is about the gear he chooses. With over 60 videos available in our training forum.

Each month we offer up a new video-based lesson in the Online Training Forum.  By giving you access to all the lessons in the forum, we make it easy for you view and interact with other members based on the lesson.   We answer your questions directly, to include video requests. We can even help diagnose personal shooting issues if the member can provide enough details.  Educating the shooter is our ultimate goal.


Lesson Example: Recoil Management

Here is a typical precision rifle training lesson video found in our Online Training Forum.  It’s important to note this is one of 3 main lessons on recoil management. We have over 45 minutes on this subject alone.  Recoil Management is super important to the precision rifle shooter.  It tells the bullet where the barrel is pointed on the release of the shot.  Ever wonder why your zero is different from the next shooter, it’s all recoil management.

Upgrade your Account in the Forum

Accessing Training
Upgrade Account

Accessing the Sniper’s Hide Online Training is very easy.  You must be a registered member in the Sniper’s Hide Forum.  At the Top of the Forum is an “Upgrade” link.  That link will allow you purchase access to the online training sub-forum.  We use a recurring payment model via Pay Pal.  As long as you are subscribed, you have access to the precision rifle training section.  The lessons are $15 a month, less than a box of match ammunition.

Mobile ready, our system uses the latest video technology so you can view a lesson anytime, any place.


You may cancel at any time. Canceling the recurring subscription is done through Pay Pal. To cancel go to your Pay Pal account and simply cancel your subscription, access will be automatically removed by the system.

If you lose access due to an issue with Pay Pal, simply go to your Pay Pal account and update the information Pay Pal requires. If you are banned from the Forum and want to cancel the subscription go to Pay Pal and cancel it. Neither the moderators or the admin will do so, so it is up to the member to manage his or her account from Pay Pal. Sniper’s Hide does not have access to your Pay Pal Account.

All payments are non-refundable, only access for the month of payment is guaranteed. Data is subject to change at any time and for any number of reasons.



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