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JP Enterprises LRP-07 6.5 Creedmoor Semi Auto Rifle Review

JP Enterprise LRP-07 Semi Auto Rifle Review Shooting semi-auto precision rifle is a closet passion of mine. Mainly because the large frame semi-auto rifles are so shooter dependent, you have to nail the fundamentals of marksmanship to be consistent.  Technology is changing; no longer do we look down on the semi-auto platform as being inferior…. Read more »

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Sniper’s Hide Reviews the Howa HCR in 6.5 Creedmoor

Through Sniper’s Hide, I get to shoot a lot of rifles. Most of the time they are quite costly, and the readers recognize this quickly. One of my goals in reviewing precision rifles that cost less than $2000 is, seeing if they match their marketing. Enter the Howa HCR based on the Howa 1500 barreled… Read more »

What is Practical, Mils vs MOA Debate

This debate is never going to end, but we should agree on the facts. Every day we see the uninformed arguments how one angular unit of measurement is better than the other. The truth of the matter is, one is not better, they are just different ways of breaking down the same thing. Personally, outside… Read more »

Sniper’s Hide Training, Using the Zero Offset Utility

Training Lesson, Zero Offset I get asked all the time; “how do I switch ammunition types mid stream like at a competition and understand my offset.” Just about every ballistic solver has an offset utility, or as some note, a zero offset. It’s not necessary to use to get your initial DOPE, so many people… Read more »

Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle

Meter Testing, the Witt Machine, Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle Before I get started, I want to thank RayDog from ThunderBeast Arms for coming out to the range with their B&K2209 Sound Meter. Ray and TBAC were gracious enough to support this project, their expertise in this area was an important component. If you have… Read more »

Training Lesson: Mechanics of a Rifle Cant

Online Training Lesson: Mechanics of a Rifle Cant Canting your Rifle A lot people have read my article on setting up your precision rifle with a small amount cant built in based on the shooter. This serves several purposes, the main is to protect from subconsciously canting the rifle.  The body has a natural hold,… Read more »

APO Custom Shop – Tactical Hunter 308K-LW

APO Custom Shop – Tactical Hunter 308K-LW by Adam Wilson APO Marksmanship Activities Coordinator I’ve spent enough time carrying precision rifles as an Army Sniper and as a professional firearms instructor to understand there’s a time and place for everything or more accurately, every rifle. Some situations call for a big bore extreme long range… Read more »

Precision Rifle Training

Lessons Learned, Precision Rifle Training

Lessons Learned: Precision Rifle Training After Action Report It’s a been a busy two months since the Sniper’s Hide Team Challenge in Colville WA. Two blocks of classes in Alaska, some mixed in private instruction and a Class with Long Gun Training in Upstate NY. All told in this time period we saw 90 shooters… Read more »