Kelly McMillan at the King of 2 Mile

Kelly McMillan talks ELR Shooting While attending the King of 2 Mile competition in Raton, New Mexico, I had a chance to speak with Kelly McMillan of McMillan Fiberglas Stocks fame. McMillan Stocks has always been at the forefront of development and with this new interest in ELR Shooting, today is no different. Leading the… Read more »

Sniper’s Hide Interviews David Tubb at Ko2M

Sniper’s Hide Interviews David Tubb Sniper’s Hide recently attended the King of 2 Mile ULR Match at the Whittington Center in Raton New Mexico. During the competition, we interviewed several shooters including David Tubb. David Tubb is not only a world champion, but he is also a true innovator in the precision rifle field. David… Read more »

TacomHQ Charlie Tarac Scope Booster

TacomHQ Charlie Tarac Unit How do certain groups make these amazing ELR and ULR Shots with optics that have limited adjustment ? The TacomHQ Charlie Tarac Scope booster. This is the secret on how to get more elevation out of your optic in order to make ULR Shots. Charlie Tarac Unit Up Close Simple and… Read more »

2017 Sniper’s Hide Team Challenge AAR

2017 Sniper’s Hide Team Challenge In Motion Targets Colville, Washington Last weekend we ran the 2017 Sniper’s Hide Team Challenge in Colville Washington. Hosted by Carl Taylor of In Motion Targets this was the first time we put on a team event in very long time. 

Not to be confused with the Sniper’s Hide Cup,… Read more »

Ashbury Precision Ordnance ASW300

Ashbury Precision Ordnance ASW300 APO is definitely on the move. Recently announcing a partnership with Savage, you can now get the Savage Model 10 with an Ashbury Precision Chassis. The SABER®-FORSST® chassis system is probably the best known APO product. I have been a fan of the Ashbury Precision Ordnance Chassis for quite some time…. Read more »

Prone is the Lowest Position, Adjust your Bipod

Prone is your Lowest Position I see a lot of guys with their bipods far too low for their body type, or the ground they are shooting on. The myth they are perpetuating is about getting lower, where they believe having the bipod as low as possible is somehow beneficial. This is false, and one… Read more »

Online Training: Natural Point of Aim vs the Wind

Holding for Wind vs your Natural Point of Aim We all know, muscling the rifle is a bad thing. When recounting the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, NPA is the very first one. We describe NPA as; body pointed to the rifle, rifle pointed at the target. In other words, we are relaxed, lined up straight behind… Read more »