Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle

Fully Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle Colorado gun shop, Machine Gun Tours combined with Colorado manufacturer Witt Machine and Tool have come together to offer up an Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision.

We spent the day with Alan Samuels of Machine Gun Tours to put the Ruger RPR they created through its paces at our range. The results… Read more »

Tripod Shooting, Adjusting the Height

At what height do you set your tripod up for shooting ?

Are you taking recoil management into consideration when setting up your tripod ?

In the Sniper’s Hide Online Training Lessons we talk a lot about recoil management. Recoil management is key to the modern precision rifle shooter. We have traveled a long way since shooting from a sling, and regardless of the position, we want to think about recoil management. After all, this is what controls our shooter’s zero. Where the barrel lines up when the bullet is released is a product of recoil management. To be consistent you want to strive to


Sniper’s Hide OXX CoffeeBoxx Review

OXX CoffeeBoxx I dig my coffee in the morning. Many falsely repeat the old myth that as a shooter, you should not drink coffee before shooting. Wrong… If you drink coffee everyday and then don’t, you have a problem. Try telling a smoker not to smoke because it will negatively impact their shooting. Wrong again…… Read more »

6.5CM with 122gr Flatline

Warner Tool Flatline Projectile 122gr 6.5 Solids

Warner Tool Flat Line Projectile 122gr 6.5 Solids 22.75” Bartlein Barrel with 1-8.5 Twist chambered in 6.5CM spun up in a stock Accuracy International AX308 shooting the 122gr Flat Line Projectile. 1250 yards – 8 Mils 1440 yards – 10 Mils 1778 yards – 14.6 Mils Do I have your attention yet ? The more we… Read more »

SHC Robinson Stage

Sniper’s Hide Online Training – Databooks

Sniper’s Hide has resumed operation of the Online Training Section of the Sniper’s Hide Forum. In operation since 2009, the Online Training Lessons are a mainstay of Sniper’s Hide and you can access all these lessons by signing up from your account in the forum.   Simply log in to your account, then under User… Read more »