S&B 5-25x PMII Second Focal Plane

Do you want a Front Focal Plane Scope or a Second Focal Plane Scope ?  That is the question … How we answer this question comes down to use, or what kind of shooting do you engage in ? Recreational, you shoot for fun, not part of an organized group Extreme Long Range PRS Type… Read more »

Understanding your Ballistic Computer

Ballistic Software is just a starting point, but all things equal, you should be within at least 1 MOA of most ranges. It might vary a little, but overall it should be very close. The computer cannot for all the variables and we don’t tell it everything it really needs, which is why we true…. Read more »

Tikka T3x

Muzzle Velocity Variation, Bench vs Prone Positions

Bench Vs Prone Shooting Variations Years ago we addressed this, but never with something like muzzle velocity. The question and the demonstration has sort of been wrapped up into Recoil Management, but since we had the question, I wanted to demonstrate it. The issue, a different muzzle velocity from the bench vs when shooting prone…. Read more »

M24 Sniper Weapons System

M24 Sniper Rifle – Details Matter Author: Michael Haugen A considerable amount has been written about the M24 Sniper Weapons System (SWS) over the years (some of from me), but much of the information has focused on specific aspects such as its history, exceptional feats accomplished, etc. The thought occurred to me that many of… Read more »

Sniper’s Hide – Leveling your Scope

Leveling Your Scope Contrary to popular belief, in 2017 the most important element when selecting a scope is tracking.  Scope are telescopic sights and not spotters.  In today’s age, most companies do a very good job spec’ing out “good glass”.  I mean I can’t think of a shot I missed in the last 10 years… Read more »

Remington and the XM110 program

Remington and the XM110 program Author: Michael Haugen PREFACE Like many things in this life, you cannot understand something fully unless you understand where it began and the processes involved getting to the end. What makes something such as this interesting to some is the nuances, specific events, and view point of the situation whereas… Read more »

BigJimFish Review of Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile ARC Laser Rangefinding Binoculars

Table of Contents: [star] Introduction Unboxing and discussion of ergonomics Optical testing Background (how laser rangefinding works) Rangefinding testing Discussion and conclusion Ballistic computer and readout Summary and conclusion Nightforce Nightforce [/star] Introduction: This year at SHOT, I was so taken with the prevalence of, and advances in, laser rangefinding, that I wrote an article… Read more »

BigJimFish Review of March-F 1-8x24mm Illuminated Rifle Scope

Table of contents: [star] Background Unboxing and Physical description Reticle description, explanation, and testing Comparative optical evaluation Illumination evaluation Speed Testing and exit pupil testing Mechanical testing and turret discussion Summary and conclusion Nightforce Nightforce [/star] Background: March, the house brand of DEON optical design corp. is far less well known as a manufacturer than… Read more »

BigJimFish Review of Bushnell Elite Tactical SMRS 1-8.5x 24mm Illuminated Rifle Scope.

Table of Contents: [star] Background Unboxing and Physical Description Reticle Description, Explanation, and Testing Comparative Optical Evaluation Illumination Evaluation Speed Testing and Exit Pupil Testing Mechanical Testing and Turret Discussion Summary and Conclusion Nightforce Nightforce [/star] Background: Bushnell has a history that strikes me as more like that of a 21st century optics corporation than… Read more »