Cadex Defence CDX-33 Patriot Lite 338LM Sniper Rifle

Cadex Defence is a company on the move. For years I have been running their Dual Strike Chassis on a couple of rifles, everything from an 18” 6.5CM to a Bergara 308. The Chassis is well designed, better made than most, and very comfortable to shoot. More adjustability gives the shooter better flexibility and that helps with marksmanship if you ask me.


Air Density and Shooting a Precision Rifle

A question that comes up in the Sniper’s Hide Forums, especially in the Ballistic Calculator section revolves around atmospheric conditions. Aside from the normal question, “do I use Absolute (Station) Pressure or do I use Barometric Pressure”, people tend to misunderstand how air density effects the bullet’s flight.


Tripod Shooting, Adjusting the Height

At what height do you set your tripod up for shooting ?

Are you taking recoil management into consideration when setting up your tripod ?

In the Sniper’s Hide Online Training Lessons we talk a lot about recoil management. Recoil management is key to the modern precision rifle shooter. We have traveled a long way since shooting from a sling, and regardless of the position, we want to think about recoil management. After all, this is what controls our shooter’s zero. Where the barrel lines up when the bullet is released is a product of recoil management. To be consistent you want to strive to


2017 Sniper’s Hide Team Challenge

Once again Sniper’s Hide is excited to travel to Colville Washington and to work with Carl Taylor of In Motion Targets to host the Sniper’s Hide Team Challenge.

This is a two man team field course designed for shooter’s of all skill levels. A very laid back type match with unrivaled scenery.