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Eliminate the Cumulative Errors of Precision Rifle Shooting

If one is “outcome-oriented”, an impact on a piece of steel smaller than the actual torso of a man is a wonderful feeling, especially when followed up by a rapid second impact. It was Predictable because we took an empty space at a firing line, occupied it with our shooting gear, loaded a rifle, dialed elevation on a turret and hit with a cold-bore shot. It was Repeatable because we replicated that impact. But to a great degree, we are not outcome-oriented, we are “process-oriented”, and constantly striving to improve our processes and, if not consciously, subconsciously we are eliminating errors, one-by-one, and grow as shooters.
BallisticsFundamentals of MarksmanshipLong Range Shooting

Predictable Weaponized Math and “X-Factor” Voodoo

It’s voodoo.   Algorithms utilize our input parameters and spit out numbers representing ballistic come-up.  That is, AFTER the algorithm bounces our bullet’s performance characteristics off the atmospherics conditions provided by link-up to Bluetooth devices that use other algorithms to spit out numbers representing atmospheric condition.  Absolute voodoo I tell you.  No way to figure …
Fundamentals of MarksmanshipLong Range Shooting

Getting off your belly or bench, alternate positions

Check out Sniper's Hide for tips, videos and more information on positional shooting with a modern precision rifle. See what equipment guys are using, the techniques employed and the way this type of training will translate to open field success. We have an online training section you can upgrade to For the visually minded you can watch the videos and practice the techniques included in each lesson.