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Seekins Precision Accuracy Explained

Shooting a large frame semi-auto precision rifle is filled with a lot of voodoo. Guys feel the accuracy is lacking, the movement in the system does not lend to precision, I mean, you can fill a book with all the negatives people talk about with them.

While shooting a semi-automatic platform is different from a bolt action, you can get sub 1/2 MOA accuracy out these rifles. It’s a different mindset. You cannot approach it like you do a small frame AR. You have to drive the rifle correctly, meaning employing the fundamentals of marksmanship to a higher degree. A semi Auto will exploit all of your fundamental weakness.

As important as the marksmanship side of the equation is the construction of the platform matters too. You cannot assume anything when it comes to the quality of the build. There is a reason some semi-autos get a reputation for being precision rifles vs. their competition.

Seekins Shop Visit

Sniper’s Hide traveled to Seekins Precision in Lewiston, Idaho to talk precision rifle automatic rifles. Glen Seekins is one of the leaders in this space after all the word precision is in the name.

We sat down with Glen to go over what makes his rifles shoot so well. There is some secret sauce in there, and Glen is generous enough to share the recipe with the world.

A series of interviews will follow, this is just the first part.

The Upper Reciever

When talking with Seekins, we learn the history behind the enhanced upper receiver associated with Seekins Rifles. Glen lays out the significant differences and how he came to these conclusions. From an end user standpoint, the proof is in the shooting.

Many builders will say the mating between the barrel and upper receiver is a critical element. Glen takes this segment of the build to the next level. It’s not just about the connection between the barrel and receiver. Instead, he looks at it as a flex point. Your typical AR design has a significant flaw in it when it comes to accuracy. It’s a weak link in the system having a light, flexible material attempting to hold so much together. The shooter can quickly induce error through movement when loading into the rifle. The system will move and flex, which bad for consistency.

Down the Road Discussions

In our follow up interviews we talk about the gas system, the buffer springs, front to back Glen addresses accuracy. Accuracy can come from more than one place. The equation is much more than just saying, press the trigger straight back and don’t move the sights off target. The recoil pulse has a hand in how we drive the rifle. Is it a soft push, or a quick snap, both put the barrel in a different place on bullet release. Build dynamics matter and Glen being a shooter takes a shooter’s approach to building a precision rifle.