Prone is the Lowest Position, Adjust your Bipod

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Prone is your Lowest Position

I see a lot of guys with their bipods far too low for their body type, or the ground they are shooting on.

The myth they are perpetuating is about getting lower, where they believe having the bipod as low as possible is somehow beneficial. This is false, and one of those “Game of Telephone” misconceptions that have continued to move through the shooting community.

Shooting Positions

Level the rifle using the bipod
Prone position with the bipod level

Let’s review our shooting positions:

  • Standing
  • Kneeling
  • Sitting
  • Prone

Nowhere in there do we see something lower than prone. Yes, we have very specific positions like Hawkins or a roll over supine position, but those are not part of this discussion.

When setting up the bipod, we want to try and be as level as possible. The height is determined based your body type and the terrain you are shooting on. In other words, your body and the rifle’s relationship to the target.

We want to eliminate angles. That means no offset in your shoulders, not dropping the bipod legs so it compromises your head position. We want to line up as straight and level as possible. I hear a lot of new shooters talk about pain or fatigue in their necks.  Much of this can be eliminated by adjusting the height of the rifle via the bipod legs.  If you experience this pain, work on your position by tailoring the bipod heigh to your body type.

Prone Position Bipod Height

Bipod Height,
Bipod Height should not be overlooked

At the same time, do not go too high.  We need to find that happy medium between the proper height for our comfort as well well as the relationship with the target.

Sniper’s Hide YouTube Channel

We post a lot of videos, most of those are me shooting in the prone position. You can see as small as my frame maybe, I still have a few notches up on my bipod legs. Still, I see a lot of guys, twice as thick and certainly a good foot taller that deploy their bipod lower than what I use. It’s this kind of misunderstanding which puts them in this too low position.

Head on over to the Sniper’s Hide YouTube channel where we have 100s of videos uploaded.  We cover a lot of these basic issues.