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    Help me Decide: "Custom" Tikka CTR or Bighorn Orgin?

    Defiance Tenacity action, Krieger barrel in any 6mm caliber you like. Call Dan Dowling in Palisade to put it together. 970 210-3042. Dan developed the 6mm Dasher. 6mm Norma dasher with the longer neck. MDT mags to feed it.
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    How to reduce AR15 recoil WITHOUT adjustable gas block or muzzle brake?

    Tune your buffer and spring to your load! Don't drill the gas port unless the rifle will not cycle at all. Buy drilling the gas port, you're putting more gas into the system. Get a heavy buffer and then play with springs. I do not believe the Magpul PRS stock is legal.
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    Wildcat Cartridges, What would you build?

    It's a 30 BR.
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    Gaming the NRL-22 Offhand Stages - does anyone GAF?

    squatting with elbows on knee's is Rice Paddy Prone! Prone is NOT standing off hand!
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    Bolt gun help

    DO NOT have the MTR barrel Threaded. The tight muzzell will open up and not shoot as well. Buy a 457 Scout rifle. then go get a Lothar-Walther Barrel to fit. They taper lap and then counter bore the threaded muzzell. that way you still have the tight muzzel It will shoot 10X better...
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    Bolt sticking

    Get a Defiance Rebel XL action with the .750 Dia bolt. That will handle the .338 LM. It's a round action like yours. Might not take too much to fit in your stock.
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    Other Really Accurate .308 Rifles Besides Tikka T3x Tac A1 That Are Comparable?

    Go buy a Defiance Tenacity SA (Rem 700 footprint). A Criterion prefit barrel. and a KRG Bravo stock. Your less than $2000.00 Will have a Good action, ( side bolt release, M-16 extractor. Stainless Steel). I would not be afraid to shoot it to 1000yds with 175 SMK's. 42.0 grs IMR...
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    3 mile impact with .338 caliber on 3rd shot!

    One mile is 5,280 feet, 1740yds. I was from Kansas a long time ago. 5,220 yds is 3 miles.
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    A little help with bore-scope interpretation ...

    I've toasted One or Three .300 WM barrels in LR High Power. anywhere from 1000-1200 is usually the life of a barrel for match accuracy. after 500 rds down range, I start looking for a new barrel. My barrels have been Kriegers.
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    .223 bolt gun accuracy expectations

    Try some of the IMI 77gr ammo from Midway. I have a 12" plate at 777yds. it will shoot 1/2 min in my bolt gun. Rem 700 trued action. Krieger 1-7.7 twist. XLR Element chassis.
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    Best bullets for long range 308

    42.0 of IMR 4064. which I've gotten a couple of pounds lately. 168-178 bullet. 2625fps out of a 20" Krieger barrel. (175 MKs)
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    New vudoo build questions

    My single shot Vudoo, has a 24 " Shilen Ratchet barrel. I requested the 24" barrel. It sits in a McMillan prone stock for F-class shooting. Waiting on a 7-35 ATAR Nightforce to put on it. Paralax goes down to 15 yds. Loves Lapua Center X
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    300 prc elk bullet selection

    200 gr Nosler Accubond! last 2 elk were at 625 yds, dropped in their tracks. NO CHASING them down. .300 WBY custom 700.
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    Help me pick a Creedmoor

    Does your permit require you to buy a 6.5? If not look at the 6 Creedmoor. Lot better round. you can push a 105-107 bullet over 3100 fps. ( they shoot better around 3050fps) much better for long range. But you have to learn to shoot the wind just a little more.
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    Help with high ES

    Try more powder! 24.1 gr Varget with a bare 75-77 bullet. 24.5 with moly. Match load for a .223 You're not filling the case enough, Bring up your load density. Try different bullets. 77 gr SMK or 77 gr TMK.