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    Maggie’s What's Your View II

    I have 2 of the arcticcat 500
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    So if I had a bunch of absolutely smokingly priced 1/2" AR500 targets......

    Tyler, Have you thought about doing 33% ipsc with a 2" center hole and 3" behind it. Maybe not for this run of targets. Most of my actual practice is inside 300 yds because its 10 feet of walking. I have to drive a 1/4 mile for 800.. So I find myself always wanting smallish targets with...
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    So is it a bad time for a vacation in Taiwan?

    No Hassel besides resturaunts closed
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    The one where she is naked!!!!
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    Truing Dope Question

    Should be close
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    Maggie’s What's Your View II

    We like what we like... I dont need ZCO... but I buy them
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    Maggie’s What's Your View II

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    Ok boys, she's available. I wonder if her name's Karen.

    Send number in PM... I can be all of those things for 1 night
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    Truing Dope Question

    True velocity out to 600 then bc beyond that
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    Zero shifting. HELP!

    Can you shoot better that that normally?
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    Load development question with barrel tuner

    Mount it to the stock or chassis
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    Maggie’s What's Your View II

    Now my feelings are hurt
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    PRS Talk Amateur class PRS

    🤦 Amateurs winning doesn't bother me a bit. Match scoring being jacked up does. So whats the difference between a pro and amateur again?