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    Should i retire??

    Literally just hopped on flight #2 to get from CA to OH. Customers are pushing me off and I have lost the desire most days to continue. My goal was to retire at 40. I couldn't bring myself to do it because I get bored easily. Now im 45 and my...
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    Tripod arrived

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    Most stable bipod setup!

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    Long Rifles Inc communication "must read"

    Just a shout out and info to guys that complain about smiths. [B]LRI is fast!!!! And you get automatic updates!!!! If you continue to complain about no communication or understanding where your rifle is at in process there are alternatives... shipped...
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    Bipod comparison (pic heavy) TBAC, Harris, Atlas

    Since I see alot of threads discussing the 3 popular bipeds and I happen to own atleast 1 version of each I figured I would post up some actual comparison pictures. I may add some short clips if people want that show folded, deployed, deployment method...