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    Gunsmithing Not blowing your face off testing a rifle.

    You should try a factory HH in a 300 win mag chamber sometime, let us know what you needed to get the bolt to close.
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    Going on a hog hunt in Texas after Christmas, need meat advice

    The 7mm-08 is just going to bounce off any that are bigger then good eating size…
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    SOLD Fox pro. Guess right and it’s yours

    6.5 Grendel, 223(A/I), 22-250, 6 creed, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 SAUM, 8mm REM mag, 338 Lapua
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    Maggie’s Man's Best Friend Thread

    For being half pit and half Rottweiler, the mutt knows how to use her nose! Made excellent retrieves. Not bad for a spoiled house mutt with no training.
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    Maggie’s The Woodchuck and Firewood Hoarders Thread

    Anyone in Osage orange country got a dead one that is large enough I could get a bow stave out of by chance?
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Over Under Shotgun

    Find a used browning superposed. May have to settle for a 12 though for the $1000. When it comes to doubles if you are not willing to spend the money for a good one then usually it leads to disappointment.
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    Hunting & Fishing Any firsthand thoughts ICOtec e-callers?

    Had a couple foxpros a fury and can’t remember the other one. However on a trip to Alaska I wanted a call and cabelas had the icotech. Honestly for half the price of the foxpro it’s twice the call. Wish I would of gone with them first.
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    Hunting Rifle for Wife

    That’s the best trade you would ever make.
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    Colt Potro Rampante II

    A well done 1911…
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    Colt Potro Rampante II

    Different people have different ideas on what’s considered fancy or extravagant. Way I look at it If you like it, buy it. I’ll take modest well done hand engraving over fancy laser engraving any day. Of course fancy hand engraving is the cream of the crop.
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    Maggie’s Man's Best Friend Thread

    Yesterday’s hike.
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    Dads 60th birthday gift

    Second question, what’s coke go for these days? A 2x4x8
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    Family members that won't let you visit if you don't get the s**t

    Tell them thanks but no thanks. Better off going to the range. If they believe the media and hype... hope is lost.
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    Gunsmithing Pacific Tool & Gauge SUCKS!!!

    In November I ordered a reamer and gauges for 505 Gibbs was told 3-4 weeks out. Later that same day I found a reamer to rent. Called PTG to cancel order they are like oh that will be a 15% restocking fee. Really? For a standard round that you haven’t even started yet because I called in order...
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    Learning about firearms has ruined my enjoyment of tv and movies.

    Kinda like all the western movies that are set in the 1860-1870s and they have Winchester 92s or 94s...