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    IA, NE, MN, WI SEVERE WEATHER ALERT. (ENDED) Derecho (multicell) thunderstorms with 75-100mph winds. Possible tornadoes.

    A few small tornados were reported late afternoon south of where I live (northeast Nebraska). Temp has dropped 35 degrees in the last couple hours. Now we are dealing with 60mph gusts with the cold front.
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    Yep, put it back in the container and sent a message to the seller. Thanks guys.
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    Kinda what I thought as well. Just making sure this isn’t normal before I contact him. Thanks.
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    Update: Seller is taking care of the issue. I purchased an open 8lb keg of H50bmg over the weekend from a guy on this site. I went to pour it into my powder dispenser tonight and noticed something odd. It looks like there’s some spherical powder mixed in. Is this normal? I’ve attached a few...
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    Reloading Equipment H4350 at midsouth

    H4350 is in stock at mid south. Limit 5 lbs.
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    Reloading Equipment Nebraska Trading Thread

    Does anyone have any cci 250’s? I’d trade 1k cci 200, 450, or wolf primers for it. I also have a variety of 1lb of powder I’d be willing to trade. Only looking for large rifle magnum primers. Located in northeast Nebraska.
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    Glasses impact rating

    Hey guys, I was looking to buy some replacement clear lenses for my Oakley frames. There are some aftermarket options that are about 1/2 the price. Their impact rating is 80.3 and I think the oakley lenses are 87. Can someone school me on impact ratings? Primary use will be pistol shooting and...
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    Firearms FOUND CK Arms or STI 9mm

    I ended up ordering one of these this morning.
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    Firearms FOUND CK Arms or STI 9mm

    Yea, that’s pretty much what I’m after. After mags and sales tax, it’s close to $3500. I’ll end up going that route if nothing else shows up soon.
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    The new 33XC & 37XC cartridges designed by David Tubb

    I’m shooting 300 hybrids with RL50. I got up to 122.4 gr but bolt lift was pretty stiff. Backed it off to 121.0. I’m getting 3150mv with that load currently.
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    Firearms FOUND CK Arms or STI 9mm

    If I had the smarts to do it, I definitely would.
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    Firearms FOUND CK Arms or STI 9mm

    Yea, I’ve been watching numerous other websites. I looked at that mpa pistol. There’s a couple things I’m not crazy about on it. If nothing else shows up soon, I’ll probably end up going that route.
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    Firearms FOUND CK Arms or STI 9mm

    I’d really like a dvc 3 gun which is discontinued. And I can’t find one on the used market. I’m not too excited about any of the newer staccatos. More-so looking for a decent used deal.