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    The New Hot Girlfriend/Wife Thread

    She’s ready for BUD/S.
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    Ugly ass recovery (formerly Scared shitless)

    I didn’t know that JP was making medical gear now! I swear those boys will do anything to make a buck. JK, best wishes on a speedy recovery.
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    Dodged a bullet!

    Im glad you caught it early. My wife had a similar experience and im so glad they caught it! Enjoy that CZ!
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    Your 1st AR15 Build. Self Taught or Taught by Another?

    Don’t overlook the DVD about building one from AGI. I picked one up from Midway, along with one about doing AR trigger jobs. I learned a ton from those. Im sure YT can give you the same info, but, I don’t know, I trust the AGI videos, a little more.
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    What brand is your most trusted AR15?

    I also prefer to build mine, and try to use quality parts. One thing that has really worked for me has been JP barrels and parts. Small frame or large. That being said, I have two Lead Stars that have run incredibly well through thousands of rounds in uspsa matches.
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    If anyone knows where I can buy this swimsuit pls shoot me a pm. Would love to see my wife in this, along guessed it, a pair of heels. Thanks for any help you can send my way!
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    I saw Joan Jett play in a bar about 1981 before she hit it big. That girl was smoking hot back then.
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    Half-Face Blades enthusiasts thread

    Went downstairs and packed for tomorrow’s uspsa match. Came up and looked at the clock and said, “oh shit, I’m too late”. Yep.
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    By request. What song......

    Kick Start My Heart by the Crue!
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    Noob question for AR 10 reloading powder selection

    Around 44gr of Varget and a 175 smk is a go to load for many. Most Guns shoot this load pretty good.
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    Powder suggestion for 223 and 6.5

    There are a lot of newer powders for 223 that are very popular like CFE and AR Comp. They are often sold out because of that popularity, but if you looks at some old school powder like 335, you may be able to find some. My rifles LOVE 335 with bullets in the 55 gr range. H4350 will be the go...
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    How are we all doing out there......

    Where the fuck did my green puking emoji go!
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    How are we all doing out there......

    Sometimes we can be so passionate about things, and those things are very important, dont get me wrong, but we loose sigjt of other things around us. Politics suck right now, but my wife and i just bought a house at Ocean Isle in NC, and are wrapping up a week of vacation down here. It was a...
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    Half-Face Blades enthusiasts thread

    Blade drop tonight or tomorrow? Inquiring minds want to know.....