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    New Bushnell Elite LRHS2

    Buddy of mine sent me this that George posted. I’m eager to see it. ED Prime glass, under $1000, Mil/Mil FFP, locking windage, unknown on the G2H reticle and mag...
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    Badger M2013

    I know these are still sold but it seems you only see these once in a blue moon. Seems like the m2008 was more popular and after the m2013s quiet release it just fell to the way side. Which seems strange given the surge in popularity of smaller degree...
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    USO announces the SK-30

    USO quietly announcing a 5-30x56 that’s 14.3” and doesn’t look weird? Plus the new reticle....I’ll be damned.
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    Carbon rings..

    Alright i was shooting yesterday and chambered a round that was bit hard to chamber so i extracted it, low and behold bullet was stuck powder went everywhere. I figured maybe i messed up and it was jammed into the lands. Get back to the house knock the...
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    Exciting scopes coming from Bushnell the ERS & XRS Gen II

    Shot this weekend at K&M and was fortunate enough to have Bryan Sikes as our RO shooting with us and helping us out. Awesome guy and shooter, couldn't commend him enough. I noticed a particular Bushnell on his rifle, to which i asked and he told me it...