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    Help Me Buy or Build a .260 for PRS (My First Bolt Action)

    You could pick up a Ready to Ship 6GT @ GAP, or have anything you'd like built, and/or call Mark Gordon @ SAC. Both have built me 260 Remingtons I used in PRS with no issues whatsoever. Bare barrel too, or suppressed, but I preferred bare no break, around 16 lbs 24"-27" bbls. AWAI mag cutout...
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    Scopes not made in china?

    Back when USO would custom make their scopes I bought a USO SR-8c 1-8x27 off here with a custom reticle for the MK 262 Mod 1, 77 gr SMK going 2,750 f/s. It's worked flawlessly for this application, Red Dot @ 50 yard zero in the reticle works great @ 1x with both eyes open, extended range the...
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    Precision em!!

    260 Rem SAC Gen II Alpha 11 action Melonited Surgeon bottom metal, AW mag Hawk Hill 27" 1:8" 4 groove M24/40 bbl. Bedded in a Manners T4A and Painted flecktarn by CGC TT Diamond trigger Bushnell ERS 3.5-21x50 (Used LE scope) in APA rings. Sierra 142 SMK, F210M, 42.3 H4350, in Lapua brass @...
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    Wonder if the corrupt media will finally start to cover this?

    Wow..... The oldest story in politics is always about financial gain!
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    Alpha SAC Bravo 260 Rem

    For the record.... Anything Terry Cross @ KMW LRS builds, Mark @ SAC, George @ GAP, Travis @ RBros, or the late Robert Gradous, plus a few more all produce World Class rifles that are 2nd to none! As much as I love accurate rifles, and I have for 40+ years, and I've either owned or shot the...
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    Alpha SAC Bravo 260 Rem

    I finally got a chance to buy a used SAC rifle built by Mark Gordon this month from MileHighShooting. Buying used is always a gamble as whether or not the barrel is shot out, etc. Buying something used from a Top Tier rifle builder usually evens out the chance of a bust..... This was another...
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    Shorty 308 hunting load selection

    You should try H4895 behind a 165 gr Nosler BT. They're easy to get to shoot well, and since H4895 is on the faster side that should help too in your short barrel. FWIW I use 42.5 in Lapua brass w/the 168 SMK in my 18.5" bbl and I get 2,550 f/s. The NBT will work well on thin skinned game...
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    Truing your Ballistic Calculator with Weaponized Math

    Sometimes the wheels just fall off Frank, and no matter how hard you try to teach, something falls from the sky...... K.I.S.S. Good read BTW, and hopefully this helps as I've given up on trusting what the App spits out over a year now, and why I just went back to gathering dope. Thanks for...
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    Older Leupold Mk4-M1’s&M3’s

    I still use a 3.5-10 M3 and so far has never gone rogue on me in over 20 years. I've switched caps on various rifles and still can't find a issue for shooting game animals. 1 moa turrets are not for fine tuning paper target shots, but it's not like I miss either. I've been using the 300WM 190...
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    Mexican Gunmen enter the US - is this OK?

    For years I've said if we took out a few mules crossing the border we would have saved a lot of time, and effort rounding them up and having to process them only to release them into the US, and/or fly them back to the Country they're from..... which BTW costs us billions to fund when most...
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    BEWARE Chi Com fakes even in the box store!!!

    This is just a tip of the iceberg in a sea full of knock offs dumped onto our shores everyday from China built around producing counterfeit items from laundry soap to high-end military equipment! And people wonder why Donald Trump won't allow Huawei and Skycom products for building out the 5G...
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    What happened to USO?

    That's too bad USO didn't stay true to their business plan building great scopes that would track 100% and take a lot of abuse. I have two and love my older TPAL 1.8-10x37 GAP reticle, the glass in this scope I'd put up against anything for how clear it is. Kahles, S&B PMII, NF, Premier...
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    You're very Welcome Mike! God Bless you and your endeavors in life. Cole
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    I'd like to Thank everyone over at Vudoo Gun Works and their Vendors for making their products second to none, and proudly made in the USA! Along with a huge shout-out to Mike Bush for making this a reality and become available for us all to own and enjoy. I've been shooting guns my whole...
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    6X5 Thread V4.0 *new 1/1/20*

    That's a good price for the quality of how well they're made and work. Mine was made by Rick Vacqueray of Varmint Masters LLC in Bend OR, ($575.00) and the carrying bags were made by Red Oxx Mfg. in Billings MT. ($245.00) So if Caldwell makes these like the original design that's a good...