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    SilencerCo Radius $399 on sale at Brownells

    Call brownells directly they will give you a higher discount I paid 360 with free shipping.
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    Rifle Scopes Top mount silencerco radius. Help.

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to mount a radius to my Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27x. I have a American Defence recon SL which I would love to keep because of my rail set up. I've found a aimpoint 34mm to 1913 but it's only option that I found. Also price isn't the reason I strayed away from the...
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    Rifle Scopes Got my AMG

    Well I had to purchase a gen two razor due to the fact I needed a scope as soon as possible and that was when it was first announced. But when are you going to post pictures?
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    Gunsmithing Just dreaming and looking at my screen

    All sorts of want!
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    Gunsmithing HK G3 match grade barrel

    HK G3 match grade barrel You should really look at holescreek's build as far as accuracy. ----------------------- Holescreek- Been awful quiet here lately, I keep checking in to see what kind of builds are going on and mostly hear crickets chirping. I started breaking in my barrel the...
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    Bad instructor at range

    [No message]
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    Gunsmithing Gunsmiths too busy, too "special", or what?

    Have you tried Douglass barrels usually Tim himself will pick up the phone.
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    Night Vision Flir LS64 as a Rifle Mounted scope

    That's fucking slick. Congrats!
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    best Calipers

    Broken teeth on gear or that bar that the gear rides on is not in the right place. Yes I know how too but that won't help when the needle doesn't move until .100.
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    Has anyone seen this mans YouTube channel?
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    best Calipers

    best Calipers My Helios has been dropped many times road around in my truck and bags. The harbor freight ones my class ordered were sometimes off or would change. We pulled one new out of the box and it was off so back I could get to .100 before the dial would even move. Edit: They also feel...
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    best Calipers

    Starrett, mitutoyo, Helios(old German stuff). I would recommend staying away from digital. As batteries die they can give false readings +/- .005 which may not seem like much but when you are machining it is.
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    Rifle Scopes boromca (ebay) one piece scope mounts experiences

    boromca (ebay) one piece scope mounts experiences Just for comparison this is one of the nicer ones with a 20moa cant from the manufactures web site. Also If it doesn't show.
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    Rifle Scopes boromca (ebay) one piece scope mounts experiences

    Ummm nooooooooo for 400?!? 1 sec I'm going to go hunt the interwebs..... Why am I still up?!?
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    Barret bors.

    SO who all has used just out of curiosity what do you all think of it?