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    Scope Mount for a JP 224

    Seekins is a good choice. I run their MXM mount and I've had no issues.
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    Reloading Equipment Dillon Quick Change XL 650

    I'll take 1 of these. PM sent.
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    We're leaving and fuck you anyway.

    Yeah, Phase 2 can take a hike. We have enough California in Idaho now. The phase 1 map would be alright.
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    Suggestions - Brass Catcher

    +1 on these. I've used this on a 6.5 gas gun I had and it worked like a charm.
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    Too bad I already had plans of I would have brought my 223 out to win that trophy! 🤣
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    Zero Comp scope cap recommendation(s)

    I have a set of MK Machining covers on mine. I like them, however they are pretty tight fitting. I like them and they function.
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    SOLD Double pull Ckye Pod Gen 2

    PM sent
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    Straight Jacket Armory

    Below is what I received from Joel. Just to make sure all info is out there, when I talked to Nick, he said he couldn't get ahold of anyone at Terminus. I messaged Terminus and Joel replied very quickly.
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    Straight Jacket Armory

    I'm not being a cry baby about anything. I am simply stating what my experience was with them, and why I wouldn't be buying from them again. I ordered my barrel and action in August, and asked if they could possibly hit their 8 week lead time that was on the website. The guy taking my order said...
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    Straight Jacket Armory

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    Straight Jacket Armory

    Tale this with a grain of salt, as I haven't shot my barreled action yet, but I would not order from them again. They were way over the lead time, unless I contacted them, crickets with 0 information sent out voluntarily. I had to pay more money to get my barreled action, and after reaching out...
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    SOLD Impact Prefits

    PM sent
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    Rimfire Bergara B14R barreled action & complete rifle.

    I got my shipping info today.
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    So if I had a bunch of absolutely smokingly priced 1/2" AR500 targets......

    I'd like 1 of each from the 4-12in and one of the IPSC