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    6brx, dtacs, 4350???

    Has anyone played with the dtacs in a brx with H4350? I was loading varget and 105s but I’m going to give the 115s a try. Rifle is an impact action and 28.5” proof 7.5 twist bbl.
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    WTB Manners T4A Team

    Sent you a message Forge.
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    Firearms PRS/NRL Impact Setup *Price Drop 6-2-21* Trades added

    Interested in the impact action if you split up
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    WTB Manners T4A Team

    I have a t4a elite with mini chassis in Black Forest if your interested.
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    I’ll take it. Send me a message.
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    Accessories WTT/S Tikka PRS1 or Envy for R700 XLR

    Any interest in a 700 inlet ai ax chassis?
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    SOLD 2 ARC nucleus actions

    Do you have the standard recoil lugs or just the barloc?
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    Accessories TRADED - TT Diamond Flat for Curved

    I have 4 pro curved I’d like to trade for flats.
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    7mm08 AI freebore??

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    7mm08 AI freebore??

    Just curious if a standard reamer will let still fit in mag length with a 162.
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    7mm08 AI freebore??

    Looking for insight on 7-08 ackley reamer Freebore. Going to be a 20” tube hunting/occasional target rifle. Only reason for going ackley is to gain a little speed back and the case looks cool with 40* shoulder. 😎 Probably going to load the 162 eld. Don’t know that I will go much heavier.
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    Accessories WTB: DTA A1/2 Covert barrel

    I know where a 20” is if you interested.
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    Accessories McMillan A10

    Is this still available?