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    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    Working on 500 rounds of 9mm for USPSA.
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    Hiya from TN

    Welcome to the Hide
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    So I Bought an XD

    I have the XDm 4.5 OSP version in 10mm and love it. Take a look at Powder River Precision for triggers and such. I have their "extreme" trigger in mine and love it.
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    Need Primers

    I don't know if they will ship but Simmons Outdoors in Bessemer, Al has a boatload of them. I was in the store yesterday.
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    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    Picked up some small and large pistol primers and added led lights to my progressive press.
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    Why is this not in the mainstream media?

    Because white lives don't matter to them.
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    22LR Scope Recommendations

    Athlon Midas Tac is where it's at.
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    His first time behind the rifle

    Awesome job young man!!
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    Kenai Chest Holster

    Does anyone have one of these from Gunfighters Inc?? Is it worth the price of admission? I am looking for a good chest holster option before the fall hunting seasons start. Any recommendations are welcome.
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    So many stuck cases!

    Never had a stuck case with Lyman Quick Slick.
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    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    Made a mess setting up a new to me progressive press and converting it from 45acp to 9mm. Also had to replace some worn out and damaged parts. Still waiting on a few parts to arrive. Will be like new over the next few days. Total cost including the press is less than $75.
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    Am I a racist?

    Depends on if you are an Aubie fan or Bama fan?
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    howdy from Texas

    Welcome to the Hide from Alabama