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    Bergara bmp 6.5 CM

    fresh bump
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    WTB: Factory Remington 700 308 Take Off Barrel

    i have a 20" from a factory aac sd original brake is gone 460 rounds on it of gold medal match will include recoil lug and is 10 twist was asking $100 delivered LMK
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    Looking for info help establishing a value.

    apreciate the reply im still debating putting it up for sale but was really in the dark on value price as 22 bench rest isnt something im knowledgeable in
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    Looking for info help establishing a value.

    what i know this is a german made Anschutz model Match 54 in 22long rifle its left hand bolt single feed and has what i think is a set trigger of some sort a leupold 36x scope with an ultra fine cross hair reticle what id like to know is an aproximate value i got this in a trade several...
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    WTS/WTT Leupold Mk5 3.6-18 T3,

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    MPA BA mount 35mm

    pm me your pmt preferences ill take it
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    WTB Franklin Armory 17wsm

    did you ever get one ... as im looking my self at either a jard j71 or a franklin
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    School me...

    ask your self do you need illumination? are you set on new or will used suffice the pst gen2 does have pretty clear glass but im not sure it weighs better than a gen2 razor which i have seen on here for 1350 used still under a lifetime no bs warranty if you dont need illumination look at a...
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    Sierra .224 69gr HPBT & Redding .308 dies

    no bullets left correct? if there are ill take them thx
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    MPA BA mount 35mm

    still have this?
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    WTB DBM (SA, M5)

    i have a brand new grayboe with pillars
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    Bergara bmp 6.5 CM

    additional pics