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    We got any drivers here? How do you keep from falling asleep?

    Smash a finger with a hammer . Not hit but fuckin smash . Once that MF swells up like a fargin Johnsonville Brat you are not going to sleep . Tear a toenail off . Not as effective a the previous but it'll fit yer attention for a while .
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    Apparently this is a thing.

    Didn't you get the memo . It was in Poor's Monthly . The article between Why Savage is King and Dumpster Diving for Cash .
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    You have a AI/LMT/ because gov likes them

    This thread is gayer than 2 leprechauns blowin each other at the end of a rainbow 🌈 .
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    MRAD is a Communist plot to overthrow America! Leaked documents show.

    I may not be a Reticle expert but I banged your mom at a Holiday Inn last night .
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    Where were you?

    Was at work in a machine shop when one guy says a plane hit one if the towers . He was listening to Howard Stern . I told him it was a bit . Then the next one hit . Then unconfirmed reports of car bombs . By that time the owner and a few of us were huddled around the radio . My wife and...
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    Movie Theater Another season of Gun Stories: Hard at work

    I love this show . Very cool to learn some of the history surrounding iconic firearms . Remington Rolling Block was a good story .
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    The Precision Unloaded podcast - from New Zealand

    Do have to turn my laptop upside down to watch this ?
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    Question about closing my pool .

    Should I fish out the dead hookers or just treat and cover ?
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    False accusations.

    You shut yer whore mouf . Jerry Springer was a prophet , the White Trash King and he banged a bitch and her mom . At the same time . 😄
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    There's a new chant going around.

    Like I previously stated , they will call for his removal . Next they will use the debacle of the Astan withdrawal to remove the last American Officers from the Armed services . By American I mean Constitution respecting solid Americans . Just read about what Joe Stalin did . Hmm , Joe .
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    Potato Joe Is Going To Sell Us Out!

    IIRC Congress ( both houses ) must vote on and ratify a treaty .
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    Blackwater 4 interview

    So I'm home on quarantine and just watched the whole thing today . Some observations . Ho Lee Shit . Our Government just never hits bottom .
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    Is the 6.5 Creedmoor too "perfect" of a round for a "Battle Rifle"?

    Uhhh huh huh . He said Man Licker .