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    6BR family: Other than Varget?

    I think the one upside to this whole situation (if you can call it an upside?) is that people are coming up with loads for something other than varget
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor once fired brass 400 pcs

    Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor once fired brass 400 pcs. $120 shipped.
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    New RCBS Rebel press

    Yeah I think they drop straight out the bottom so you can just put a trash can under your bench
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    Accessories SOLD Proof Zermatt Bighorn Origin Prefit Barrel

    Proof Zermatt Bighorn Origin Prefit Barrel. 6.5 Creedmoor. 1:8. Medium Sporter. Steel. $400 shipped.
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    Hunting & Fishing Whats your zero?

    Reason for not doing a 200 yard zero is that at 100 the environmental factors don't really affect the impact much whereas at 200 its in the air for that much longer and has longer for environmental effects. So if you are shooting on a windy day at 200 your zero will be off. And a 200 at sea...
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    H-S Precision stock vs KRG Bravo

    You shouldn't see any difference in accuracy. So I'd say the only reason to switch would be for features/asthetics.
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    Trigger Tech Special Issue

    Thats interesting. First I've heard of that happening. Wasn't aware that there was a recall.
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    School me on plate carriers

    The recommendations I've gotten have been for Spiritus, Velocity, and Crye
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    Electronic ear protection ?

    I'm running the Howard Leight Impact Sports. Not the nicest but the work.
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    Steyr SSG-69?

    If you don't want to cut/drill the stock I'd go stock pack with foam under or just foam and tape/velcro
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    6 dasher vs 6br vs 6xc

    I just went to dasher. Went with that over the BR mainly because proof makes prefits for it. Interested to see how it feeds. think I'm going to give the MDT 6 BR mags a go
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    my third leg.......

    My dog weighs 110 lbs and tries to do the same thing. He steps in the wrong place and your having a bad time.
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    Intellidropper sale

    Considering one of these so I'm wondering what everyone's experience has been after some use.