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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Utas xtr-12

    Hi Guys, greetings from Australia, I have recently acquired a UTAS XTR-12 shotgun and was wondering what chokes would fit the external thread? Perhaps the siaga chokes? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Tikka T3 varmit long action aftermarket stocks

    Hey folks, I was wondering if any of you guys could make any suggestions for a replacement stock for my Tikka T3 LA. A lot of the offerings seem to be only for the short action, any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Had ago at a mile the other day!

    Took my APRS .300 win mag out to the mile mark the other day, took three shots to get on the 2ft x 2ft steel target, and then hit 14 out of 20, it really exposed some faults with technique/method etc which was good for me. I can see why alot of guys like to really to push the limits of their...
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    Photos APRS T4amc build

    Re: APRS T4amc build Alot better than I can mate! They come with a .5MOA guarantee out of the workshop, and its lived up to it fairly comfortably
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    Photos APRS T4amc build

    My .300 win mag built by APRS in Adelside south Australia
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    belted magnum case

    Re: belted magnum case Thanks lads, an absolute wealth of info! Thanks for sharing you experience!
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    belted magnum case

    Re: belted magnum case how far should the FL sizing die be away from the shell holder? the length of the belt?
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    belted magnum case

    Re: belted magnum case thankyou, sounds like im good to go then
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    belted magnum case

    Hey guys, I am about to start reloading for the .300 win mag. It is my first time reloading a belted magnum case, is there anything that needs special consideration while doing this? eg slightly different method etc?
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    Rifle Scopes Pls check my thinking - 308,150 gr, upto 500 yards

    Re: Pls check my thinking - 308,150 gr, upto 500 yards sounds like an ideal selection I reckon, the nightforce hard wear holds zero well and tracks well also