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    Solvent Trap Suppressor?

    Research shows a mix of both smooth and stepped. Pending cartridge and host, maybe a blend of both angles.
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    Form1 kits?

    Can't be two guys with the same user name.....welcome aboard. Fun crowd here, same as over there
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    Solvent Trap Suppressor?

    Some great replies here. I am also building a couple form 1 cans. Ti tubes, HT SS internals. Will definitely update with progress. Here's a little contribution for those not on the form 1 boards Comprehensive List of All Known Solvent Trap & Form 1 Suppressor Vendors & Resources [Updated...
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    Form 1'ers: your fav 30cal build

    What's your intended caliber? I saw one of those completed with amazing results. Lower db than I was expecting.
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    JK Armament’s rifle Modular Solvent Trap (MST) kit

    This. Well said. It does. A lot. Baffle type, spacing, clip style and size. There's a plethora of information out there. I will say, a proper supersonic .30 can, will work well on a 5.56 round. The short barrel 5.56 changes things a little bit.
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    Barrel Cool

    How most of mine stay cool
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    I’ll leave this here....

    Hurting kids is a no no, for sure. Pick his fucking toe nails off. But, tell me that's not a black arm holding that child
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    This kind of shit will get you a bullet here

    Woulda been a lot of fucked up Achilles tendons in that place, had it been me trapped on the ground. Kudos to the dude for protecting his girl, and not treating those trashy bitches like men. I'd be curious to know what kicked it off
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    Form 1 efile wait times?

    Appears that was just SS customers. Glad I used ATF service
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    Form 1 efile wait times?

    Also going to look for confirmation. I'm 28 days in on 2
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    Integral suppressors on Form 1?

    ^ what he said. Would you be better using a short barrel for 458, rather than the 450? 450 bushy is a hot little bugger, not sure how it would like a 10" barrel. More importantly, how your blast baffles would hold up.
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    Q Suppressors

    This is the cherry bomb; notice it's small blast area, and lack of redirecting blast surfaces This is a muzzle brake (Griffin Paladin) Notice its aggressive blast faces, that will redirect gas sideways, effectively filling your blast chamber with gasses There are other designs used similar to...
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    Q Suppressors

    The inside of the cherry bomb, is barely a baffle or blast surface. It is a hollow space, surrounded by little vent holes. It is not a muzzle brake, I stand by my statement. They also only bore one size, but thread in many. So a 5.56 is passing through a .375ish hole, no matter what. I will...
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    Form 1 efile wait times?

    Your own model number/name will get you put in pending. They have to "approve" your choice. You may or may not get an email requesting any more information. Others have had good luck with the "ask the experts " tab and sending an email. I have also read and heard that it just works itself out...
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    Q Suppressors

    DM will keep you waiting a long time. Not my personal experience, but gathered from a lot of research regarding internals. has a lot of quality product. I'm currently in the process with 2 form 1's, using 17-4 SS internals, and my tubes/spacers/end caps are all from...