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    Hey everyone ^^

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    New member. Dickpie

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    Just joined from Virginia

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    Savage .338 Lapua

    I've had several Savage 338 lapuas, still have a factory setup and an upgraded precision target magnum. Once loads were dialed in they worked very well. The 338 Ackley improved on a 112 target magnum action, with nice bartlien barrel, I still need to work load up for, can't wait to get it all...
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    Hello from Lake Michigan

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky. Definitely the right place to get info
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    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    New Memeber from the North.

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    New member from Texas

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    New User from Austin, TX

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    New Guy from Alaska

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    New member from New England

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    New guy from Crestwood, KY

    That's a good point and one I didn't really think of since when I do a build I get 150% of estimated barrel life in brass, then once I find a good load do the same with the powder and projectiles, so am very well stocked and never worried about ammo taxes or shortages. But never know what will...
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    New Guy From HI

    Welcome from Eastern Kentucky
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    New guy from Crestwood, KY

    Sounds like you are on the right path and setup to hit the ground running. Just find a good load and practice, get familiar with ballistic calculators, and starting learning to read wind. Good luck and have fun.
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    New guy from Crestwood, KY

    Mainly if you don't already, try to learn to reload. Tuning a load to a rifle makes a world of difference when shooting at distance. You don't have to go crazy to get started, I started on savages, spent more money on reloading and components than my first several "long range" rifles. I have...