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    Rifle Scopes New Razor????

    hey @koshkin i how would think the glass in the new RZR G3 would compare vs the top dogs (TT, ZCO and to some extent Minox and Kahles)? Thank you
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    Rifle Scopes New Razor????

    I know this has been asked before but any one has any idea on MSRP?
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    Respected Rifle-smiths that offer services

    In Las Vegas, Nevada, Dane Miller Rifles (DMR). Dane and Joe build hammers and are PRS shooters and hunters so guys with real world experience.
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    Black Friday Sales 2021

    Part number? Just to make sure I get it right
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    Black Friday Sales 2021

    what stock do I need if I get the base ACC ? do all of them work or there are special compatibility issues?
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    Black Friday Sales 2021

    I put an order for a ACC "chassis system", does that include the stock and grip?. Price was $402.57
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    Rifle Scopes I’m considering a Minox ZP5 5-25

    Only problem w Minox ZP5 is the MR4 reticle which makes hard to use below 15x. In matches I find myself porwering up to 16-20x. Otherwise is a great scope
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    I've seen a few in the wild and looked like a nice solution. guess, I'll wait if there are QC issues. Thank you
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    Sorry for reviving this old thread. Does anyone know where to find a triggercam in stock? been looking for one. Seems it would be a good tool for training. Thx
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    Tikka T1x and MPA

    I have an old MPA from my Tikka T3 (it has moved to a Manners) and would like to use it for my T1x which currently sits in its factory stock. I know that someone has posted some pics showing some mods needed to make the T1x fit the T3 footprint chassis. I have tried looking for the thread but...
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    Accessories MDT Metal SA mags, 308/6.5/6br

    Placed the order on Wednesday, received my mags from Front Range Precision today, really fast shipping !. Will definitely buy from them again.
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    MDT ACC Chassis

    Thx !
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    MDT ACC Chassis

    just a dumb question since I'm planning on ordering a new MDT ACC. If I order a Remington 700 footprint, can I run a Defiance, Origin or Impact on it? I have those actions but not sure which one will end up in the chassis so that would like the flexibility if possible. Thx
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    Reloading Equipment Giraud Trimmer Organizer

    Received mine today, will definitely order again. Fast shipping, excellent product.
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    Accessories Sold PF- WTS- MDT - 1/2 off Certificate for Chassis

    I will take it, assuming seller takes MO