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    SOLD WTS: Vortex Razor HD 27-60x85 Spotting scope

    Ohhh. Why can't this be angled?? GLWS. Free bump.
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    Reloading Equipment Titegroup 8# sealed FTF S. central WI SPF

    I have 8# of Titegroup from a couple of years ago. It has been stored sealed in my basement gun room that has a humidifier running during spring and fall, AC during summer, and is heated since it's finished. This means it was kept between 62-73 the whole time and under 60% humidity. I was going...
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    Just scanned Gunbroker to see how crazy it was.

    No you don't stop shooting. Hopefully you have enough stocked up to weather out the storm. I have always said that it can't stay crazy forever but with Joe in office it could be crazy for at least 4 more years. You are correct in that personal stocks are going to be low by than.
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    Thoughts on Magpul PRS Lite?

    Love the cheek weld of my UBR but hate how it rides the bags. I made a custom bag rider but it's a pain to take on and off for developing loads and 3G matches. I would be very interested in this. I don't get why everyone is complaining about the LOP of the PRS. I have the LOP about maxed out...
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    Chassis system for Anschutz?

    I have shot with a couple of people that used tubegun chassis' for 3P. Only reason being is they used 3P during the winter to stay up on HP across the coarse. Their goal was not to win anything in 3P but to stay sharp for HP. Hard to beat the adjustability of a xx13 stock for 3P.
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    New 22 for krg bravo.

    Another vote for the Tikka. Pretty stupid accuracy out of the box and parts are readily available since it shares the same platform as the T3. You just have to feed them good ammo. No matter what you pick you can't feed it thunderbolts and expect them all to be in the same hole.
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    Different range distance

    I've shoot across the coarse on a 300 yard range before with reduced targets instead of 600 yards so I would even say the following: 100-300 short 301-799 mid 800-1200 long 1201+ extreme Just my $.02 though.
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    Tumbling Dust Removal - Any Tips/Tricks?

    I heard about this several years ago and have been saving my old dryer sheets ever since. I think it works great. I also use a couple cap fulls of mineral spirits with compound before adding brass.
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    Went to gun store for the first time in about a year...

    I'm in the same boat as you man. I have been buying ammo and components over the last several years when it was on sale. A lot of the local 3 gun matches are pretty close so I can't justify the time reloading 223 blasting ammo when LC is so cheap. The single stage has been getting a work out...
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    Intro to PRS build help.

    I don't think that your existing Bravo for a Tikka will fit a 700 will it? Aren't they different patterns?
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    Anybody still shoot Anschutz? Help me get a feel for what this is worth today.

    Yeah without high school teams and it seems to be harder for 4H teams around here to get participants the demand is falling. Might be better to try and sell sooner than later. Check out the classifieds on targettalk and rimfire central to get an idea. Just the action might be weird enough though.
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    A rifle everyone needs

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    3rd for Bravo in that price range. Has the aluminum chassis so you don't need to worry about bedding. It can also grow with you if you want to do something other than coyote/hogs with the rifle.