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    BSF Barrel in a Bolt Action

    shame their 308m is a 10 twist
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    Shot out 6.5-284 Norma

    friends with lathes who smith
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    Ring Height Benefits.

    to me 1.18/1.26 is low anything above that is high or for a full rail (AXMC) platform
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    Shot out 6.5-284 Norma

    i have a 31" 6.5 creed 1.25 straight i expect that barrel to go 8k rounds but i can set it back in 3-5" increments 3 times and don't pay for setbacks if i could set the barrel back (enough shank to do 1-2+ inches) and not pay for it, then yeah it makes sense if you're paying to set it back...
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    Muzzle Brake vs Flash Hider suppressor mounts

    does it matter if they're all gonna have cans anyways?
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    bul armory quality

    nope you forgot the filter also my comment is more about confirmation bias in general. you bought it. your review is what matters now.
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    bul armory quality

    this isnt the place to come for confirmation bias. especially on a handgun
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    Getting in to long range

    hard to beat the tikka dont discount a CTR and switching out the stock/chassis though $2k budget you could build a custom
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    Why is 6CM still available?

    20% extra recoil going from 33-42gr powder for same speed
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    Why is 6CM still available?

    the 6.5CM berger shoots 140/144 at 2890/2860 from my gun so to me it seems its a 6CM problem for berger the rest of the 6CM factory is around 3050-3100 which is appropriate if i want to shoot a 105 at 2950 id be doing it with 8-10gr less powder from a dasher/bra/GT
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    Why is 6CM still available?

    most 6mms are a BR variant in competitions now the prime is the old loading before the shit happened afaik the berger 6CM 105 loading is anemic. no way id ever shoot a 6CM to push a 105 at only 2950
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

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    Where to get ammo now post

    just hard to swallow the price gouging when it's available at normal costs still
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    Adjusting barrel harmonics to fit rifle cartridge