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    Accessories 1oz Silver Rounds

    Damn! I clicked on this expecting 12 Ga. Werewolf ammo!
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    Firearms Very Rare British Lee Enfield Mk1* NZ Carbine With Bayonet and Scabbard

    Very cool! I have an 1893 Mauser stamped "OVS". It may have traded shots back & forth with this rifle!
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    Firearms WTS Sig SSG 3000 German McMillan .308

    What kind of mags does this configuration use?
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    Accessories Harris Bipods, 162 AMAXs, 105 VLDs.

    I'll take the 162 gr. Amax's if they are from the same lot.
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    Firearms GAP 6.5 Saum with 7 WSM and 6.5 PRC barrels, brass and dies

    Thank God! I was really starting to weaken!
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    34mm Ring Height for 56mm Objective Scope?

    Yes, to clarify, it is for a test mule (good description). I wanted to make sure the rings were not too low for obvious reasons, and not too high either. Most of my buddies' setups are too high to work well for me. Also I asked because I've only mounted one 34mm sized scope before.
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    Optics WTS TPS 34mm Steel Rings

    I'll take these. PM sent.
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    Optics Warne 34mm Mount

    Thank you Sir! A bit too high for my needs.