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    .223 For Deer Hunting

    Would like to kill one w Black Hills Optimized 50 grain.
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    7 sherman MAX

    Making me want to just try to sell the 190 A-Tips lol
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    7 sherman MAX

    26 inch Proof which should speed up a bit w N570.
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    7 sherman MAX

    Yes, i posted the MagnetoSpeed pic in the other thread. Ran them to 3003 FPS but settled on 2910 FPS. Just loaded up 3 charge weights. All shot sub .5 moa at 100. Settled on the lowest SD ES and took that load to a mile.
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    7 sherman MAX

    Speeds w what bullet? Have not loaded the 190 A-Tip yet.
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    7 sherman MAX

    Just looking to shoot a few deer later this season w the Berger 195 and Hornady A-Tips to compare. Sticking w the Berger 190 for steel plates.
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    7 sherman MAX

    Was that in the old barrel?
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    7 sherman MAX

    Anyone play w the 190 A-Tips yet? I should have a load worked up in a couple weekends.
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    7mm bullet to use for 1 mile??

    Liking it. Will play w the 190 A-tip before the end of the month.
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    Crescent customs updates?

    Moons does awesome work but the build time is the reason i moved on to another top tier smith.
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    Stainless barrel/Titanium action - How much torque?

    My Lone Peak TI Proof CF build was torqued at 100 FT LBS from a reputable smith.
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    Antifa fucked around and found out Colorado edition!

    LE can't stop them so its about time red blooded AMERICANS took the law into their own hands. Trump 2020
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    300 PRC update

    I just started using N570. Cleaned all the carbon out than used a bore scope. 0 copper,,,, didn't even bother w a copper cleaner. I agree w the extra cost is with the price.
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    Schmidt&Bender-ZCO-Tangent Theta For 300 Norma

    SB released a new turret last year that has 39 mil of total travel. Ck out the SB DT II+/MT II w .05 mil turrets.
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    3 mile impacts!

    Awesome, congrats. Sick rifles. Weight? Must be in the 40 plus range?