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    Looking for recommendations for truly great current or at least relatively recent movies

    They Shall Not Grow Old if you like historical documentaries. The best movie I have ever seen regarding WW1. Peter Jackson directed and they spend about 30 mins post credits discussing how the movie was made, old fims restored etc. which was fascinating in its own right.
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    Any F1 racing fans?

    No Shit. Watching a race with some shooters would be fun. NASCAR just never held my interest. Around here nobody knows what the hell I am talking about or understands the nuances of F1 at all. They just go on and on about NBA, NFL, MLB. I walked away from all of those damn sports. MLB in 94...
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    Any F1 racing fans?

    You summed it up very well, especially about Haas. I do disagree with the part about Albon not being there in 2 years. I think the kid is showing a ton of development and he can obviously drive. He had the fastest lap until the end when Max got his tires so the kid is fast and fearless...
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    The Shit you see on the range

    I also found out they don't like it when you are trying to be helpful. I always take the broom and sweep all the brass off the floor forward of the firing line into the dirt just like the ROs say to do and will also sweep the stations to the left and right of me. Just trying to do my good deed...
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    Team RCBS & Bushnell Introduction

    Thanks for posting this up. EV never seems to have anything in stock and the discounts offered off of MSRP usually are close to street values, sometimes a little better, sometimes a little worse. I like not having to deal with a middle man that charges processing fees.
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    1” Hunting scope for Marlin 336?

    I agree with looking at a red dot. If you are planning on 50-150yd with a 336 it is hard to beat a micro red dot. I dropped a burris fast fire III on my 336 and have zero regrets. I was having difficulty zeroing a peep sight and and after a couple front sight post changes and still not getting...
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    Greg, Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I hope you and Celia were able to have a blessed and happy anniversary today.
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    Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    I just keep a styptic pen handy for those times you have an oopsie or rush the beard prep. Some guys use a pre shave oil, some don't. I generally don't , but an oil can keep you from having leaks also.
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    Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Not to derail this thread, but the Hide was responsible for me learning all about the joys of straight razor and DE safety razors. I think this was the post from the way, way back machine. Ended up spending almost as much time on the badger and blade site as this time suck of a forum...
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    You no likey tough shitski

    Thank you. that makes sense for a large geographical country like the United States. I suppose the tourists needs somewhere to go if they lose their passports etc.
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    You no likey tough shitski

    Bring me up to speed here. Why is there a consulate in Houston? That makes zero sense to me. You would think they would have one consulate and that would be in D.C. Or is a consulate different than an embassy?
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    Hoplite Arms

    I understand completely and do not fault you one damn bit on your business plan. I can't wait to see these out in the wild and at matches. Who knows, maybe I'll renew my CDL and get an job driving the Hoplite truck around. Employee discount has to be worth at least 3-5% off right?????
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    Hoplite Arms

    Perhaps I will go find out what this Mil-Sim shit is and why it is so popular and find a die cast model/airsoft version of a Hoplite. LOL. I'll be a the coolest tier 1.5 operator in the milsim group. A dwarf among midgets. (wait, is that offensive to Frank?)
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    Hoplite Arms

    *sigh. Damnit Theis. You keep adding more and more awesomeness to this wunderwaffe, and all I can feel in my heart is a terrible sinking feeling. That sinking feeling is that the MSRP is continuing to pass the point that us poors will only be able to dream of a Hoplite and perhaps fingerfuck...
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    Wall of Moms

    Ugh. As a native Oregonian this is so damn sad. The wet side and dry side of the state is just shaking their heads and hanging them in shame. Now I know how the upstate New Yorkers, rural IL, etc members feel. Sucks when you watch a state founded by hardy motherfuckers with a mean independent...