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    2020 BigJimFish Review / Article blog.

    Update 7-7-2020 This is shaping up to be a big week. First off, the V-22 barreled action arrived yesterday for use both in the V-22 review and in some research I am doing on Proof carbon wrapped barrel harmonics. I have shot a few of these V-22's before but this is the first time I have had the...
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    Homemade Induction Annealer

    Man there is some good stuff in this thread. I think I may have me a winter project.
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    Reloading retardation!

    Saw your pick and just thought..... Ackley was a half ass, I'm going full 90 degrees.
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    Hornady one shot case lube.

    If you leave the lube on it can feel just the slightest bit sticky. I hear that in dusty western conditions it can attract dirt to the case and then gum up the chamber after a while. Here in Ohio I don't bother cleaning it off and haven't had a problem. Who knows, maybe the neglected lube left...
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    Half neck sizing

    One of the competitive shooters I know leaves a significant amount of the neck shy of the bushing. He believes that the portion of the neck that goes unsized and therefore stays wider serves to better align the bullet in the barrel.
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    ZCO ZC420 v Kahles K318i v Schmidt Ultra Shorts v Minox ZP5

    Great work. On the issue of including agressive FOV stops in scopes to make them look better edge to edge vs having a bigger FOV with the distortion that will be present, I am for the bigger FOV. Most scope companies seem to go with a more aggressive FOV stop. I can understand their choice, the...
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    Are Tier 1 scopes even worth it ?

    First off, it is not really about accuracy. Benchrest guys mostly use pretty inexpensive stuff. They really just want high magnification, light, and that holds zero. They are not asking much from a scope and don't need much. A better scope will not make you more accurate or even more precise...
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    My bolt gun collection is now complete

    Hmm, your typing so I gather you must still be alive. In that case I rather doubt that you are done with buying new bolt guns. I think you must be having some post coital bliss after your last conquest. Give it a day or so and I think you'll find the urge returns.
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    TriggerTech 2-Stage Trigger - I'm stoked!

    The first stage of the TT diamond two stage I have starts at 2.1oz and the second stage at 5oz. Both stages have a huge range so you could make the first stage relatively light or heavy and ditto with the second stage. Your not locked into a light-heavy or heavy-light pattern. I tested this is...
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    Reloading Dies

    I just reviewed the new RCBS MatchMaster dies. I'm sold on them. The sizing die is really no different than my Redding type S but the seating die is much more convenient and comfortable to use with the same quality results. I'll be going with MatchMasters from now on. As for the press, I am...
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    2020 BigJimFish Review / Article blog.

    Update 6-15-2020 I have just posted the RCBS MatchMaster dies and powder dispenser review. In addition to reviewing both of those products, I also spend a good deal of time in the review discussing, and quantifying the relationship between variance in charge weight and vertical spread down...
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    TriggerTech Diamond ‘Slam Fire’ Issues

    With two having issues, I doubt it is a trigger problem. I'm betting something is out of spec in the action. Maybe the cocking piece is a little out of spec and has some play somewhere. Since your lower cost TriggerTech is working I would call them up and ask if perhaps that model has greater...
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    Shot Show 2020 Thread!!!

    The package says 6-40oz but the writing on the trigger lists the first stage as 4-20oz and the second stage as 4-24oz. I know that the last change TriggerTech made from the final round of prototypes to the production version was to go with a slightly different weight spring. I expect that is the...
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    Anybody have a USO LR17 in a cantilever mount? AR application.

    I remeber the Bobro precision rifle one with the double levers works. I ran that on an LR17 back when I had one.
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    Shot Show 2020 Thread!!!

    There here.....