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    I F'n despise Leofoto and other Chinese knockoff specialists

    A term for those not on high horses.
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    Should I buy a MK18 DD

    Got one recently and super happy with it. I did not realize it would come with an ambi charging handle and safety already. At the end of the day it is what it is, small truck gun for me. I haven't tried to do anything more than 100yds with it but it performed well. One note, some folks take...
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    Optics WTS: Kahles k624i 6-24x56 SKMR3 LSW

    Added Trades Given Trade Interest. I'd prefer to sell to fund a ZCO but will trade for one and add cash or there are some things on my other eventual wants list I'd trade for. Can add cash up or down depending on trade. Non-gunbroker pricing. ZCO 527 MPCT3 NF NX8 4-32 MilXT (for production...
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    Optics WTS: Kahles k624i 6-24x56 SKMR3 LSW

    Thank you for the help / explanations as I was at work and spot on. SKMR3 Gen3 with scalloped turrets / etc. Solid, no issues optic. Thank you for the interest and offer but I will pass on the $1850. Only reason I am selling is to fund a ZCO for a 300PRC I'm getting back from the smith soon...
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    Primer shortage confirmed by President of CCI/Federal

    Thats a new video but I agree it confirms what most already assume. F' the reloaders until we get done making our own ammo.
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    Optics WTS: Kahles k624i 6-24x56 SKMR3 LSW

    bump to $2050.
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    JP Enterprise Captured Buffer system

    Lot cheaper to smooth things out than 1000s of rounds in this climate :) I've enjoyed mine, I only use SCS now. Shooting suppressed - on 'new' <1k rds rifles, it is much smoother, quieter, and tunable than normal spring and buffer, hasn't mattered what caliber - my 223, 6.5gren, 458socom...
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    Rifle Scopes NX8 vs Razor gen2

    Wow that is a hell of a read. Was just looking at an NX8 4-32 for my PRS prod rifle... nevermind.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB Area 419 Zero Press

    Available for order for Mar/Apr, not on hand in stock.
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    Why is 6CM still available?

    My guess - OId school hunters are loyal to 243win and talk shit about any other 6mm like 6cm. New school hunters spent too much on 6.5cm. Target shooters mostly shooting BR derivatives. I have 3 6cm and am not complaining that I can still find ammo on the shelf if I need it. I've shot my GAP...
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    Ram 2500 vs F250

    Single owner, bought new 2015 Ram 2500 Megacab diesel with 80k on it. Has been a great truck. More comfortable than any Chevy or Ford I've owned before. The interior on the new trucks can't be beat. Has hauled 10k trailer&jeep from east coast to utah multiple times and all around the...
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    Rifle Scopes Bushnell XRSII 4.5-30X50

    I have both. I think the above is pretty good info looking at those two specifically. Both are perfectly good for hits at 1k. The one thing I don't like is the eye relief and overall length on the Bushnell. I can't get it far enough forward for me with a Spuhr mount on a GAP PPR. Going to...