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    S&B vs ATACR vs ZCO

    I ended up taking NF up on their LE promotion and ordered a 7x35... but now I have a urge to order a 4x20 ZCO for one of my ther rifles.
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    Gun Safes Mil/Retired Discounts?

    I am going through this again right now... I am starting a business and need to acquire another safe for the FFL/SOT.. My other issue is I am on a small island in SE Alaska and buying anything like this is hard an almost has to be done other the phone and internet with a hope you get what you...
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    What’s your guys longest 308 hit?

    1315yrds is my farthest with my .308, 178 ELDXs hand loaded in Black Hills Match brass with BR2 primers and 2000MR powder. Best I have done with it is a first round miss then 5 subsequent hits in a row after that. This out of my Kimber advanced tactical.
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    Schmidt and bender 3-27 H59 high power black

    Wow !! This is beautiful...
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    S&B vs ATACR vs ZCO

    This is kinda where I am at... I really want a PMii on my .308 again.. and I thought pulling the one off my Norma be the easy answer. Then I could upgrade the Norma to something else. I aquired the Rzr when I built my 6.5 Creedmoor, and put my .308s PMii on it.... fast forward a few months and...
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    S&B vs ATACR vs ZCO

    So after a brief affair with Gen 2 Razor, I have decided I am not happy with it and am looking ay selling it to a friend. It all stems from the last 4 scopes I have mounted prior being PMIIs and I thinkmi got spoilt. So now I am looking to either move one of my PMIIs back to my .308 from my...
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    Crap... that will teach to hesitate
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    SSG 69 10rd mag

    What do you have in mind??
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    SSG 69 10rd mag

    Sorry it took so long I got hung up a case at work.
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    SSG 69 10rd mag

    Yes it is .308
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    Precision em!!

    It has a 28" M24 contour barrel, the muzzle brake is several inches long as well.
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    SSG 69 10rd mag

    I have a new in box Steyr SSG 69 10 round mag for sale for $200.00 shipped USPS priority mail. I will try and get a pick of it up tomorrow.
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    Precision em!!

    Pulled the Norma Mag out of the safe and played with putting it on the tripod seeing how well it may do for brown bear hunting.
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    SOLD: Manners TF4A, Elite Carbon Fiber, Gen2 mini chassis, Impact/Rem700 SA, Arca, Badger EFR SOLD

    I am trying to think of a way to swing this... Do you know how much weight the tungsten pillars add??
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    WTB STI STACCATO p or edge

    We just sampled them for the department to buy as our new duty guns... they are awesome!!!