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    Reloading Equipment WTB 7mm/.284 140 gr Accubonds

    I'll check the local shop when I stop in a couple hours
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    Targets for load development

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    Photos Who made this target?

    Looks like only welded on the inside. Probably needs it inside and out
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    Gasoline Price Increase

    1.97 this morning jumped up to 2.39 now
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    Rcbs uniflow powder micrometer adjustment screw

    Is the Rcbs uniflow powder micrometer adjustment screw helpful? I was thinking of getting one. Thought it might help me get closer quicker and then I can take notes on setting for faster the next time. Thoughts? Anyone actually use one?
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    Phone connects to car with BT and Wifi off?

    You don't need foil. Just put it in your yeti. Bonus points if its full of coffee
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    260 master race.

    Its always nice to see the bolt on the proper side
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    Reloading Equipment Powder Valley in Stock

    I wonder if they set some to hit at different times to spread the wealth to people that work different hours or maybe tokeep the website from crashing.
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    Reloading Equipment Powder Valley in Stock

    4350 at midsouth now
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    What are you stocking up on?

    Living life
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    Well that was painful (Primers on GunBroker)

    What are you loading with the 4166?
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    Pushing the speed limit! When do you back off? What pressure signs?

    Remember changes it outside temperature will affect things too. What's good at 40 might not be when it gets up to 80
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    H4350 8 lbs @ Natchez

    No. Is that some new French round?
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    H4350 8 lbs @ Natchez

    What are you guys using h4350 in?