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    Neck Tension Changing Over Time

    If you think you’re experiencing cold welding between the bullet and the brass, I would think you’d see pressures/speeds boost. My only experience was with 338 Lapua cases, wet tumbled with stainless pins. Similar experience to the op but with higher speeds and increased es/sd’s, same lots on...
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    Best all around rear bag

    Been shooting with the ELR bag for a couple weeks now, favorite bag ever. Been spreading the good word since!
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    Cheapest 6, 6.5, and .308 bullets for practice?

    Had good luck with ELDm’s on discount, Nosler RDF, hornady HPBT. Been looking at mid south shooter supply branded match bullets, I think they’re nosler base bullets? Basically anything in the .26-.28cent range per bullet , I’m in.
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    Bore not centered in barrel...

    This year my smith spun me up a 7 saum, with a tube from a reputable barrel maker. When I took delivery, he pointed out how “crooked” the bore was in relation to the contour. I can only tell when the thread protector is on honestly. It shoots lights out, and with a Area 419 adapter on it...
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    7 saum

    ADG brass 180 ELDM RL-23 60.2gr Fed GM215M Cbto 2.207 (20 thou off) Oal 2.937 2990 FPS Rifle is a bighorn Origin, proof steel 8 twist 26”, McMillan a3-5 cf, saami reamer. Did a load work up side by side with RL26, better numbers and overall more accurate with RL23, in my rifle at least.
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    7mm rem mag powder.

    Have you run into pressure yet? I was curious about that powder, but those speeds seem really slow.
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    still don't understand why less magnification is better

    Late to the gig here but, alternate positions. Get off the bench, become an across the course shooter.
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    90’s era Mod 70 “classic” series

    I love those model 70’s, especially for hunting. Depending on condition, blued is going to be on the cheaper end. I’d guess $5-700, Stainless a bit more. Take a look at gunbroker, that’ll give you an idea what people are asking. The 3 I’ve personally owned have been very accurate for mass...
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    Bighorn Origin Build Thread

    Thanks for the explanation. I’m going to look into timing mine with my BnA now. I was a little disappointed when I took delivery of my rig, honestly. I just figured I would have to shoot it in.
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    Bighorn Origin Build Thread

    What’s the deal with this? I guess I’m confused what the issue is. I’m honestly asking, not being a smart ass, troll, or whatever. I could see a “feel” issue from it. My origin has a little cock on close and it’s not as smooth as any other custom action I’ve run but still worlds better than my...
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    Bottom metal for model 70

    CDI is no longer in business
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    WTS Manners T5A with mini chassis and Atlas rail

    Is this still available? PM sent
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    6x47 forming from new brass help

    Glad to hear it. I noticed if I use a similar 2 step process I get better concentricity for that initial firing. I have yet to lose a case resizing to 6.
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    Best overall caliber for long range shooting

    If it helps, I just sold a TRG 42 in 338 Lap to build a 7 saum. I sold the TRG more because of the platform rather than the caliber. I’ll come back to it at some point, but for the shooting I’m going to do with that type of system, the saum makes a little more sense at the moment. One of my...
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    Best overall caliber for long range shooting

    I’d probably shoot better too! In all seriousness, it looks like you have your bases covered OP. I’d run what ya brung and call it a day. I like to tinker with different rifles, calibers, and load combos. My match and hunting rifles stay as they are, but the rest of it; gets swapped around...