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    Feedback Good Guy List +1 on ledblkexpress2014. Stand up guy and very thorough seller!
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    Reloading Equipment Federal match large rifle primers at Natchez

    Thanks for the notification! Not the best price but you take what you can get when you run out!
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    Reloading Equipment MK2 Perfect annealing

    I'll take it, PM sent.
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    Firearms . NIB Desert Tech HTI 375CT or 50BMG $6200 OBO

    Awesome seller and a wealth of knowledge. Deal with confidence!
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    SOLD Nightforce NXS 8-32X56 MOA MOAR

    I'll take it. PM sent
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    SOLD Desert Tech HTI 375 Cheytac caliber conversion

    Per our texts, I'll take it!
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    B & T APC 223??

    It fits and locks up but I could not get anyone to confirm compatibility. Swapped out with an extra SF brake on hand just to be safe. The TBD B&T cans are supposed to be compatible with a2 and standard mounts.
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    Suppressors as quiet as possible, ar-15 supressor

    CGS touts their Helios qd as the quietest out there and I have seen a few solid review of them but have no first hand experience. Lots of friends rave about their DA Sandmans. Out of my collection Omega 30 has been to top performer.
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    B & T APC 223??

    I have one with a 8.75" barrel. Biggest hurdles right off the bat were getting a suppressor rated for that length (Surefire SB2) and as mentioned above; finding a decent stock. I went Haga ACR conversion and it fits me like a glove. Rifle is accurate and recoil is minimal. No function issues...
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    WTB ***FOUND***WTB: .50 BMG rifle (AKA stupid decisions)

    I tend to shy away from the budget side of things especially when I am touching off a round this size near my gourd. I might be making a stupid financial decision but I don't like to make stupid health decisions!😵 The Serbu stuff has always made me a bit leery over the years. I applaud Mark's...
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    WTB ***FOUND***WTB: .50 BMG rifle (AKA stupid decisions)

    I know it is a silly purchase and there are better options out there(which I am already covered on) but I have always wanted a .50bmg rifle. Have the range and ammo supply. Let me know what you have as I am open to options.
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    Precision rimfire interest in Northeast Ohio

    Ohio has a few problems when it comes to matches and outdoor shooting in general. Lack of public land(ranks near the bottom in the US) and explosion of suburban sprawl has put a lot of restrictions on ranges or pushed some out of business. Anything over 100 yards can be sparse to find at best...
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    Accessories WTB: Black Collar Arms Buttstock Pork sword

    So, the folding option has yet to make it to market. I think they got over their heads when they sold the stocks and didn't have the design fleshed out yet. They have been pushing out the date on these for nearly two years and I have my doubts the folder will ever come to fruition.