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    7mm-08 vs 6.5 creed, which is better ballistics

    I've always been a fan of 7mm08. My new rifle, replacing the one that I built 15 years ago in 7mm08, is also getting chambered in the same. One thing that helped is that I could load long (2.90x") in my old action. I also use 20" barrels on each, and that's something else to consider. The...
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    Has anyone actually received PPP funds or any other type of SBA loan funds to save their small businesses.

    Herr German, That's par for the course in my experience with gov intervention at any level. You jump through a bunch of hoops then get screwed. In the meantime playing their game also provides employment for pencil-dicked slaves looking to serve their masters. It took a while, but...
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    Has anyone actually received PPP funds or any other type of SBA loan funds to save their small businesses.

    My accountant encouraged me, but I want as little to do with gov as possible. There are always strings attached. So I declined his offer to set up the paperwork on my behalf and left it alone. I wish gov could offer me the same courtesy.
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    Poachers on my land

    Whatever you do it's important to nip it in the bud as soon as you can. Somehow folks think "precedence" is justification for doing what they want. I caught hunters and other trespassers on my farm when I first bought it almost 15 years ago. I made it very clear to them that they weren't...
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    Just found this. AMAZING!

    My dog was smarter than that. She had me trained to drive her down the river in a raft while throwing a stick and giving her cold beers.
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    Binos with a reticle

    I bought a set of those used a while back and absolutely love them. They're small, light, have good optical quality, and they're tough.
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    FYI: Lone Peak Fuzion short actions in at Altus

    I gambled and ordered a Manners inlet for a Fuzion a couple months ago. I'm so glad I'll have something to fill it with soon! Just wanted to give you all a heads up so you don't have to run around with an empty stock yelling "BANG." There's no dignity in that.
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    A big FUCK YOU to Libertarians

    Just speaking for myself here, but it's not a "protest vote" when I truly believe that the government should be less intrusive in a free person's life. I don't normally chime in on threads like this, but I'll not be misrepresented as partaking in a childish tantrum. Once again, it's just one...
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    A big FUCK YOU to Libertarians

    I'll gladly take a "thanks for nothing" and also thank others in kind. :^) Thank you for restoring civility to the thread. Bronco, don't look to anyone to blame for "failing to protect our rights." That's on you at the end of the day. Wapiti, my suggestion is that you don't depend on a...
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    A big FUCK YOU to Libertarians

    A big "fuck you" is a little harsh to your fellow Americans exercising their right to vote their minds. I don't typically respond to folks like you, OP. I only chime in to say that I'm very happy to live in a place where I can vote for what I believe in. Other than that, we'll be fine so...
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    7mm to much recoil

    You said you're a beginner, so I'll share an observation that I've seen with a lot of new shooters. There's a tendency to relax before breaking the shot. A trick to taming the recoil is to hold the gun extremely tight into your shoulder. I take it for granted, but I forgot to tell a...
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    First Ever Alzheimer's Drug likely to get Approved

    Looks like BIIB didn't do so well today.
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    First Ever Alzheimer's Drug likely to get Approved

    The next time something like this happens please let me know about a day sooner. Thanks in advance. Their stock just went up from ~$250 to ~$350. Still tempting, but I'd feel like a sucker buying at this point...
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    Riddle Me This...

    I see a little dark humor in the fact that the graph shows the US Citizen and the US Gov't as two different debt holders. Same with the Federal Reserve.