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    Night Vision RNVG with perst

    Willing to separate the Perst?
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    Night Vision LWTS-LR Thermal clip on *SPF*

    If your smart you'll see if you can get $12,500 for somebody else's kidney.
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    Firearms The Last of My Bang Bangs - Surgery Fund

    I'll take the lever gun. Will be PMing you.
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    So I just watched part of this YT video. Is it just me, or....

    That video was gayer than an assful of AIDS
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Me yelling up to her "nice legs!" Her: you think so? Me: hell yeah, any normal ladder would have broke!
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    6 seat UTV’s and gun mounts

    Get the roof mounted rack. Im happy with mine
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    Rifle Scopes VX6 or VX5 or NX8

    The eyebox is finicky with the VX5 that I have when using higher magnification. Its useable but not great. Im happy with the glass for what it is.
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    Our Paparock?

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    Spotting a satellite

    I seen a brown star by Uranus.
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    Gunsmithing Barrel imperfection identification

    Looks like the micro chip that the government planted has fell out. I've heard this is normal, and generally happens after roughly 500 rds. They have enough info on your travel patterns with this particular rifle that it isn't needed after that.
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    Hunting & Fishing Any Falconers on the Hide??

    Im in Wisconsin and the redtail would be a perfect bird for my terrain. Really interesting. Did you trap your Harris or buy it?
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    Hunting & Fishing Any Falconers on the Hide??

    Do they stay in eye range or how do you call/ signal them back?
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    Hunting & Fishing Any Falconers on the Hide??

    How much time daily do you need to give the bird? What do you do if you go on vacation? Can someone just feed the bird, or does it need to be able to be out of the pen and exercised daily? Beautiful bird and very interesting.
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    Rifle Scopes Sub $300 for 10/22 Build

    Hawke optics may be another option.