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    SOLD * Pelican Case * -- 1525 Air -- w Foam -- Brand New -- Free ship CA / TX / AZ / NM / NV / OR / UT

    Brand New --- Never Used Still in original box -- With original stickers Pelican 1525 Air --- with foam Color: Gray / Silver --- See photos for info / specs Will ship in original Pelican box Price: SOLD
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    SOLD ** Area 419 ** -- Arcalock clamp -- Brand new in box -- Never used -- SOLD

    Brand new in box --- Never used Area 419 clamp PRICE: SOLD Free shipping to 48 states
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    SOLD ** Seekins Rings ** -- 30mm -- Medium -- SOLD

    Seekins Precision Rings --- Actually labeled as Vortex PMR rings 30 mm Medium Height .97" These have been used, but they are in great condition -- I also have the original box PRICE: SOLD Free shipping to the 48 states
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    SOLD *** Vortex Viper PST Gen II *** --- 5-25x50 --- MOA --- SOLD

    Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 MOA Model # 5251 Excellent condition --- The scope was mounted on a 308 rifle that was used very little --- It looks like new to me --- There are probably ring marks on the scope, but I cannot see any. I have the original box and papers. PRICE: SOLD Free...
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    SOLD ** Timney Trigger ** --- for Tikka T3 --- two-stage --- SOLD

    Timney 2-stage trigger for Tikka rifles Has been used very little --- Probably between 100 and 150 rounds fired in total --- However, I do not have the original packaging PRICE: SOLD Free shipping to the 48 states
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    My Bergara B14-R Pic

    What are the colors you used -- Looks good.
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    Vudoo with CCI SV ??

    No Tikkas in stock -- Not sure when they will be.
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    Vudoo with CCI SV ??

    I guess I was hoping to be able to drive my Ferrari around town, as well as on the race-track. The fact that my KIDD shoots CCI SV's so well --- That is likely what prompted such false hope A Tikka is probably in my future --- With the Bergara still in contention.
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    Best 2-stage trigger for R700 clones?

    I wish there were more two-stage options for Tikka rifles. I know Tikka makes a nice trigger, but I would love to have one of the above-mentioned two-stage triggers in my Tikka -- I would probably get the Bix'n Andy Tac Pro Sport if it were available for Tikkas. I currently have the Timney...
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    Vudoo with CCI SV ??

    Defender, I actually just found your prior post regarding the rail. Thanks again
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    Vudoo with CCI SV ??

    Awesome looking rifle -- And I really like the Arca rail. Using an Arca rail is the main reason I was considering the KRG Bravo. Which rail are you using?
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    Vudoo with CCI SV ??

    Thanks, Defender32 Did you leave your Bergara in the factory stock? I have not handled the Bergara stock, but it looks like it is a good one.