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    WTS: brakes and barrels

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    WTS: brakes and barrels

    #1: $420 shipped Hawk Hill 6Dasher : 26" length, 1-8" twist, Chamber end diameter 1.255", Muzzle end diameter .910", Threaded 5/8x24, Weight 5.0 lbs. Came off a Surgeon 591 action, has 400 rounds of fire forming loads through it. #2: $120 shipped Gen 2 APA LB 6.5mm brakes, good for 6mm and 223...
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    Defiance tenacity custom actions?

    I think your expectation may be out of alignment for tenacity owners (or any action owners). Almost nobody measure their actions, because first it requires special tools and set up that may cost 10 times as the action itself, and you do have to have a good understanding of how this thing should...
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    Some 6 and 6.5 bullets

    550+ count 6mm 105gr RDF, seconds 200+ 6mm 103gr ELD-X 200+ 6.5mm 130gr RDF, seconds 100+ 6.5mm 140gr RDF, seconds whole lot for $170 shipped CONUS, not separating, no trade needed thanks guys.
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    Proof research 6.5x47L defiance barrel.

    I'll take it per our PMs.
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    Era of Athlon

    I was in need of some scopes, and due to some stupid decisions I made, I'm tight on $$$. So yes I was able to source some "cheap" scope deal during black Friday sales. They arrived today and I finger fucked them well. I'm not going to say a lot about...
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    AI AT killer deal

    Can't agree more. every time I see killer deal/deal of the year/smoking, I know someone has just priced something at a ridiculous high price and I dont know if themselves know it or just being naive...
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    Sold: Lapua 6dasher brass

    Total 344 count, all 2-3 fires, tight primer pocket with mild load. All cleaned up and annealed except 17 which will be separated. You may need to size them before using in your rifle. Brass from same lot, but I Chamfered 217 of them (all in one bag), and yet to deal with the rest.
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    SOLD: 224 bullets: 77 SMK & 88 ELD-M

    Got about 270 SMK (77gr) and 215 ELD-M (88gr) as left over bullets. They shot great. SOLD, no trade needed thanks.
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    6dasher barrel life

    People wanted 6creed speed from 6dasher, then get 6saum barrel life lol